Ranch Café - Falkland, BC

I spent the entire morning going to different stores trying to find a specific type of re-usable hand warmer. Totally random, I know. The issue is: I need nine of them. Nine or nothing. I’ve already scoured Kelowna and West Kelowna, and only found a total of six. Argh.

Yaki Joe's Pizza - Merritt, BC

I’m here in Merritt for a tournament which runs all day, from 9:30am to 4:00pm. There was no time to eat in between, and I didn’t really want to eat during the tourney. Do I need to say that I am starving? Granola bars and oranges slices can only take me so far.

Yaki Joe’s Pizza is located on Voght Steet; just a few blocks in from Highway 97C (Nicola Avenue.) For some reason I always thought this was a sushi place. I guess I never really read the signage thoroughly.

Papa Tee's Pizzeria - Kamloops, BC

I feel like I just spent the entire morning in an appointment at the bank. Perhaps things seem to take longer when my stomach is rumbling. By the time I exit the financial institution it is well into the lunch hour.

As Kamloops begins to acquire a light dusting of icy precipitation, we head over to Papa Tee’s Pizzeria. The new pizza joint sits on the corner of 7th Avenue and Victoria Street (kitty corner to the Thompson Hotel that houses the Noble Pig and Crush restaurants.)

Chicken Noodle Soup ($5.25)

The Commodore Grand Cafe and Lounge - Kamloops, BC

I had attempted to eat at The Commodore back in the Spring. I phoned ahead to insure they were open during the lunch hour, and a confident staff member confirmed their lunch opening hours, “Yes come on down.” I arrived. They were closed. This made me grumpy, so I avoided The Commodore for the entire summer.

Cuckoo in Coombs Restaurant - Coombs, BC

Cuckoo in Coombs Trattoria & Pizzeria on Urbanspoon

Bellevue Café - Penticton, BC

Bellevue Cafe on Urbanspoon

Mountain High Pizza Inc. - Kamloops, BC

I had just put a loonie in the meter, only to find out my planned destination is closed this afternoon. Very annoying as I had called less than 24 hours ago and a staff member confirmed they would be open. So with 2 hours on the grey lollipop I decided to take a more leisurely stroll down Victoria.

After all this meandering through the shops, I need a snack and Mountain High Pizza looks like a quick fix. It is more DL’s choice to have pizza today than it is mine. Mountain High has a two slices and a drink deal so we went with that.

Hot n’ Spicy Pizza Slice ($8.75 two slices and a beverage)

Pizza Hot Spot - Lytton, BC

The Pizza Hot Spot is the newly opened pizza shop in the village of Lytton. To enter the village you need to exit off Highway 1 either take a left (if your heading north) between Kumsheen Secondary School and the Esso or take a right (if you're heading south) just past Skihist Provincial Park. The village is small yet very pretty in the summer time. It's always filled with friendly locals.

Anie's Pizza & Bakery - Cache Creek, BC

Now Anie's would be one of those places that would be a DDE to many of you driving through. However, I was informed months ago that it is probably one of the better places to eat in Cache Creek.

**UPDATE October 2010: Anie's has now MOVED up the highway to a new location. She is now located in the old Bob's Recreational Sales buiding at 1206 Cariboo Highway (across from the Dairy Queen in Cache Creek.)

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