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Just a quick gardening post I’d like to share with you.
I’ve been farting around in the yard for the past two weeks, impatiently waiting for things to look alive. I noticed earlier today that my Haskap berry plants survived my neglect last year, and are blossoming.

Yellow and fuzzy.

Sunshine Farm - Kelowna, BC

My tomato seeds arrived from Sunshine Farm! I’m pretty excited, so I must share this with you.
I’m such a wannabe gardener...
As you may have deduced from some of my previous garden posts, my adventures in gardening are largely trial and error. Last year, I planted some seedlings from the Farmers Market, but I also tried growing tomatoes from seed. Amazingly, my brown thumbs proved successful in starting tomatoes from seed. This year I wanted to try some more interesting varieties.

The Pond Country Market Coffee Shop - Kamloops, BC

**UPDATE September 2013: As promised the eatery went through some renos and is now called The Smokin' Duck Eatery**

I spent the weekend breathing heavy and wheezing around scenic Vancouver. Super fun run, with fantastic weather. The first thing I decide to do when I got home is some yard work. (Not the smartest choice. I know my body will make me pay later.)

Mystery Plant in My Garden Update

A few weeks ago in my Café Motivo post, I shared with you that I have mystery plants which sprung up earlier this spring. They were growing with authority, and seem to be evenly spaced, so I suspected they may be something the previous home dwellers had planted. The people who lived here before me were really into flowers (as evidenced by rogue tulips and lilies everywhere in my outside space.)

Art Knapp Bistro - Kamloops, BC

Art Knapp Bistro on Urbanspoon
Do you garden? I have been experimenting. Dabbling here and there with growing edibles in what used to be the flower beds. I never imagined I would spend so much of my time visiting the local Art Knapp garden centre.

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