Crackle Crème- Vancouver, BC

Crème brûlée. A shop dedicated to Crème brûlée? Yes, please.
I'm all moved into my temporary digs in Vancouver and today I'm on my way to the Powell Street Festival this afternoon. I thought I'd indulge in some burnt sugar and custard, before heading down to this annual Japanese cultural event.

Crackle Crème is located on Union Street in between Harvest Community Foods and a bike shop. Conveniently right along the Adanac Bikeway, if you happen to be cycling.

Extraordinary Organics - Nanaimo, BC

We are having some extraordinary weather in Nanaimo for the past few weeks. This is completely unlike some of my past visits, where the weather has always been grey and rainy. I even packed two rain coats with me for this extended stint in Nanaimo. No need apparently, as the weather has been warm and sunny far.
Tonight,I’m here at Extraordinary Organics Restaurant.

Quattro Bistro - Kamloops, BC

**UPDATE JULY 2013: Quattro Bistro is closed.**

Boom it’s June!
Quattro Bistro. Here’s another restaurant in which the location is familiar: it was formerly Felix on Fourth.

Le Plateau Bistro - Kelowna, BC

**UPDATE January 2013: Sadly Le Plateau Bistro has closed:(***

There’s a farm in Kelowna that sells a vast selection of heirloom seeds for local gardens. Since we have to be out here in the Okanagan for other matters, I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone. There’s not a huge selection of eateries as we blaze our way down to the farm, but there is Le Plateau Bistro.

Bistro 326 - Kamloops, BC

**Update July 2011: Bistro 326 is now closed. Terra Restaurant now occupies this space.**

Bistro 326 is a casual dining space located in downtown Kamloops on Victoria Street. The bistro has a small front patio area which I’m sure will be popular when the warmer Kamloops weather finds us.

Twisted Fork Bistro - Vancouver, BC

Felix on Fourth - Kamloops, BC

**UPDATE 2013: Felix on Fourth is now closed. Quattro Restaurant now fills the space**

madisens - Kamloops, BC

Went to madisens for Mitchell Shafer's weekend menu. This restaurant is located at the South Thompson Inn Guest Ranch and Conference Centre in Kamloops, BC.

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