The Fish Market Restaurant Fiskmarkaðurinn - Reykjavík, Iceland

Here I am at The Fish Market or Fiskmarkaðurinn. This seafood restaurant is located in the old Kvosin area of Reykjavík, which is like the city center.

Earlier today, I jumped in a water filled crack that opened up on the earth’s crust. As you do.

Sægreifinn The Sea Baron - Reykjavík, IS

Sægreifinn or Seabaron is a little seafood shack on the marina in Reykjavík, Iceland. This is also the place where I discovered my love for malt drinks. I came for the lobster stew. A local resident, I was chatting with earlier in my visit, spoke about this shack passionately.

Lobster Stew (1,100 ISK; approx $9.45 CAD)

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