Sweet Home Café - Kamloops, BC

The Sweet Home Café is a small soup and sandwich type of place. The main draw for parents is that Sweet Home Café offers a supervised play area for small children. The restaurant is small, but the space is defined. On one end of the restaurant, there is the play area and on the other end there is a living room-like lounge space. In the middle, joining the play and lounge spaces, is the café dining area.

The Enchanted Teacup - Kamloops, BC

I met a princess in plain clothes today, and this is her castle.
Her castle is The Enchanted Teacup. It’s a drive-by discovery for me. I am on my way to Gary’s Deli when I see a purple and lime green building on Tranquille Road. Yes, purple and lime green.
Qu'est-ce que c'est?

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