Lightfoot Gas Station Bakery - Lillooet, BC

It's gorgeous in Lillooet right now with the snow. A true winter wonderland. There's much more white stuff on the ground than the above photo.

It's a Gas-Station-Eats day. (Click here for my other Gas Station posts.)
I'm eating lunch, from the Lightfoot Gas Station Bakery, with some colleagues in Lillooet.
Yes, a gas station, but there's a bakery attached to it that provides simple homemade soup n' sandwich fare. Did you know they cater too? Half of the station is a a bakery and the other half is, well, a petrol stop and convenience store.

Dina's Place Restaurant - Lillooet, BC

I’m still in Lillooet and it is Guaranteed Rugged. Yes it is. I’ve enjoyed many hiking trails in Lillooet and the surrounding areas for the past few summers. Have you been to Seton Lake? So beautiful.

Dina’s Place Restaurant is located on Main Street and seems to have a loyal local following.

Cheese Saganaki ($12.95)

Lillooet Bakery - Lillooet, BC

**UPDATE JUNE 2013: This German bakery is now closed.**

Hello Lillooet. I get out to Lillooet a few times a year due to work; I’ve never added any of their eateries to Love of Eating, so I thought I’d start today. I’m here at the Lillooet Bäckerei. It’s a German Canadian bakery located on the main drag in Lillooet.

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