Smoke's Poutinerie - Kelowna, BC

Before heading out to Kelowna I started some of my spring-time yard clean up. I always like to give myself a couple of days to rake up the debris under the cedar hedges. It seems raking only once is never enough. Even when I think I’ve done a good job underneath the hedges, the next morning it will look like I’ve done nothing as the copper coloured needles congregate under the conifers again. Are they “needles” or “leaves”...?

The Crab King - Steveston, BC

I’m at The Crab King today.
I came home, briefly, and now I find myself back in Steveston? I did not plan this. So here I am, again. The weather is crisp and sunny this afternoon. There are people milling about in flip flops! Now, that’s a bit extreme. It’s warmer than winter, but it’s not flip-flop warm.

Hungry Herbie's Drive-In - Cache Creek, BC

Hungry Herbie’s is a dusty DDE in Cache Creek, that I have wanted to try for a long time. I drive past the billboards featuring their Monster Burger frequently. Ironically, it was not their burgers that ultimately drew me in. I have become very curious about their soft serve...word on the street is that it's magic.

Lvoe/Love of Eating British Columbia restaurants
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