Pho Tin Tin - Nanaimo, BC

Ugh. I have a monstrous headache right now. I thought a hot bowl of phở might help me. I’m at Pho Tin Tin today. Pho Tintin is brought to you by the folks of Tin Tin Market. Which is the Asian grocery store located next door. I pick up a box of Trung Nguyen coffee at the market before I head over to Pho Tintin. (I can’t decide if it’s Pho Tintin or Pho Tin Tin. Please enlighten me if you know.)

Tin Tin Roll ($4.95)

Bubble Queen - Richmond, BC

Here’s a quick coastal post. Looking at my agenda, it seems the bulk of my conferences for the next several months have been moved to Richmond. Hmm...this is all well and good, but I did enjoy the variety of things to do on my off-hours, when my conferences were held in Coal Harbour.

T & Y Bubble Tea - Kelowna, BC

**UPDATE: It seems T & Y has vamoosed.**

Summer weather is finally here! I’m in Kelowna for a short stretch, and found myself downtown and thirsty. I discover T&Y Bubble Tea on Bernard Street on this hot evening.

Dragon's Lair Specialty Teas - Kelowna, BC

**UPDATE 2013: Dragon's Lair is now an online tea business. You can still find them seasonally at the Westbank and Peachland summer markets.**

I make a quick stop for tea before heading out of Kelowna. I noticed this place when I was here eating at Suko Thai a while back. I read that they had bubble tea and made a mental note to stop in the next time I was in Westbank.

Chiffon Chinese Cuisine - Richmond, BC

Chiffon has been renovated in the past few years. I have no idea if it is under the same ownership or not. They serve the same type of food, so does it really matter?? It’s a bubble tea and Chinese café. We only stopped by for some refreshments.

Champagne Grape Green Tea with pearls ($4.75)

Dragon Ball Tea House - Vancouver, BC

I always come back to Dragon Ball. This has been our go-to place for BBT for years. I have tried most of their drinks on the menu with various pearl/jelly/pudding combinations, and have had great tasting results each time.

Avocado Milk Slush with Coconut Jelly and Pudding ($4.50)

Hu Ahyi Bubble Tea Place - Kamloops, BC

Hu Ahyi Bubble Tea Place is a Taiwanese style café. Is this the place that used to be inside Superstore? I’ve been there in the past, but I’ve never bothered to take note of the name. The furnishings look very similar. It’s a DDE home-style eatery.

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