Dina's Place Restaurant - Lillooet, BC

I’m still in Lillooet and it is Guaranteed Rugged. Yes it is. I’ve enjoyed many hiking trails in Lillooet and the surrounding areas for the past few summers. Have you been to Seton Lake? So beautiful.

Dina’s Place Restaurant is located on Main Street and seems to have a loyal local following.

Cheese Saganaki ($12.95)

Dorian Greek House - Kamloops, BC

Had an appointment downtown this evening and wanted to get a bite to eat beforehand. Just across the street to where we found parking were two restaurants we have yet to try.

Pure Cuisine Raw Foods and the Dorian Greek House. Could there be any more of a contrast in choices? As we walked up we passed a guitar playing busker adorned in a 3 piece suit; he had to be one of the classiest dressed buskers I've ever come across (more to come on him later.) When we reached the two restaurants, Pure Cuisine was closing in less than 30 minutes so we opted to go Greek.

Donair Express - Kamloops, BC

Is this for real? Is the donair really Canadian? Apparently back in the '70s someone in Halifax put some "sweet sauce" on a gyros and a donair was born. I have no idea if this is accurate.

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