Hollandia Bakery Café - Malmö, Sweden

It’s almost time to come home. My last major stop is Sweden and I thought I’d include a quick post in Malmö. Although the winter weather is arguably on the milder side, the wind and crisp air still makes my face numb. Time to warm up with some hot liquids and treats at Hollandia. Konditori Hollandia is a bakery café in Malmö, Sweden.

The Royal Café - Copenhagen, Denmark

Today I’m at The Royal Café in Copenhagen. The Royal Café is a little kitschy tea shop that’s set up to showcase the wares of various Danish designers, and of course Royal Copenhagen porcelain.

Torvehallerne Farmers Market - Copenhagen, Denmark

A Farmers Market in Denmark. I wish I came upon the Torvehallerne earlier during my trip. It's like a petite version of the Granville Island Market, but in the middle of Copenhagen.

The open air space is compact, but the stalls stock a nice variety of produce. Why didn’t I find this place a week ago?

Rajissimo - Copenhagen, Denmark

My reservations at Noma didn’t work out for tonight, so I find myself with an empty chunk of time during the evening. It’s cold. I’m desperate for a hot chocolate, which makes me stop at this curious food stand.

Det Lille Apotek The Little Chemist - Copenhagen, Denmark

Danmark makes me want to strap on my helmet and bike to work. I’ve been in Copenhagen for several days and I thought I’d share The Little Pharmacy or Det Lille Apotek with you...because I love the name!

The cozy restaurant is tucked in a quiet corner away from the busy Strøget shopping area.

We decide on some "old fashioned" roast meats: duck and pork.

The Noodle Station - Reykjavík, Iceland

I’ve mentioned before how much I love the smoked fish here in Iceland, and I love the rye bread here too. Since my time in Iceland is limited, I choose to take advantage of this amazing bounty. I’ve been eating smørrebrød with various Icelandic lox for several days straight. Every day.
How could I possibly tire of all this delicious salt cured and cold smoked fish? Never!

I am wrong. It is possible to have too much of a good thing.

Today, I can’t even look at fish. The very thought of another open faced sandwich for any meal or snack will make me run up the Hallgrímskirkja and scream.

The Fish Market Restaurant Fiskmarkaðurinn - Reykjavík, Iceland

Here I am at The Fish Market or Fiskmarkaðurinn. This seafood restaurant is located in the old Kvosin area of Reykjavík, which is like the city center.

Earlier today, I jumped in a water filled crack that opened up on the earth’s crust. As you do.

Bónus Grocery Store - Reykjavík, Iceland

I’m stopping in the Bónus for some snacks, and yes, for some butter. This is Bónus. No, it's not the dollar store, Bónus is the local grocery store in Reykjavík.

Yes, their mascot is a pudgy pig that looks like it has partied way too much on all sorts of contraband. I love it. There has to be a story behind the design of this graphic, right? There has to be.

First, behold the wall of Malt Extrakt.

VOX Restaurant - Reykjavík, Iceland

Happy New Year.
I already rang in the New Year several hours ago, and I hope you have a great time when the clock strikes twelve back home in BC.
I hope you don't mind, but I'll try to share a quick post or two about my travels as I make my way through three Nordic countries.

Íslenski Barinn Icelandic Bar - Reykjavík, IS

Íslenski Barinn serves solid pub grub Icelandic styles. It’s really cozy in this place. The space is fairly roomy but it feels small, in a good way.

Coffee (350 ISK; approx $3.00 CAD)

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