Phat Albert's Weekday Cafe - Cache Creek, BC

A couple of years ago I gave up 91 minutes of my life to watching a low budge movie called Thirst. There is a small scene in the movie where the characters stop to eat in a diner. In real life, and in the movie, the diner was called Nag’s Stop. Nag’s Stop closed a while ago, but after some time elapsed the eatery re-opened as Phat Albert’s Weekday Café.

Desert Hills Ranch Farm Market - Ashcroft, BC

I interrupt my adventures in Nanaimo to bring you a quick trip that's closer to home. Some of you have been emailing me about Desert Hills Ranch and their yellow watermelons. Well my friends, they are now at The Wagon! Desert Hills produce wagon is one of my favourite stops during the summer and early fall.
(For my past visits to Desert Hill’s produce wagon click here and here.)

The Track Side Diner - Ashcroft, BC

Buffalo Station - Ashcroft, BC

**UPDATE 2012: Buffalo Station is now closed. Shelley's Place now occupies this space.**

Having some breakfast this fine morning, at the Buffalo Station in Ashcroft.
Apparently, “wellness awaits” me in the Village of Ashcroft.

Desert Hills Ranch Produce Wagon - Ashcroft, BC

Just a quick post to inform y’all that the Desert Hills Ranch Produce Wagon is now open for the season! The Wagon’s been up and running for the season since July 23rd, but I didn’t get an opportunity to head down until today.

Ashcroft Bakery and Coffee Shop - Ashcroft, BC

Ashcroft Bakery and Coffee Shop is located in downtown Ashcroft, BC. It's not officially winter yet, but slowly the chilly weather is creeping in. I love the dry-cold weather out here. I prefer it so much more than the cold-damp of the coast.

I am pretty excited upon entry as the show cases are much fuller than I imagined they would be.

Talylor's Breakfast Nook and Lunch Counter - Ashcroft, BC

**UPDATE: Taylor's Breakfast Nook is now April's Bistro.**

On occasion I find myself in Ashcroft's downtown core. I noticed a hand painted window for Taylor's Breakfast Nook several weeks ago. I finally found myself back on Railway Avenue this afternoon to try it. It's definitely a nook! The restaurant houses less than 10 tables with a cozy open kitchen. This small home-style diner is run by a lovely couple.

Chris' Under the Bridge Restaurant - Ashcroft, BC

**UPDATE 2013**
This Ashcroft restaurant is under new ownership. Currently, the name is Riverside Restaurant. It now serves westernized Chinese food and burger fare. The below 2010 blog post refers to a visit under the previous owners.
Happy eating,

This restaurant is relatively new in Ashcroft. It literally is under a bridge that you need to cross to get into the village.

The Wagon at Desert Hills Ranch - Ashcroft, BC

In seven days summer will come to an official end. I love the summer season; that's when Farmer's markets, fruit and veggie stands are bursting with their bounty. It's a great time to be able to buy most of your basic fruits and vegetables locally.

Ashcroft Manor & Teahouse - Ashcroft, BC

It's a bit of a misnomer. I love afternoon tea and was hoping this would be a full fledged teahouse, but upon calling the restaurant I discovered they don't offer an afternoon tea service. Oh well, I headed over to the Ashcroft heritage site for lunch anyway. Here's a description of Ashcroft Manor from

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