City 1 Café - Vancouver, BC

I am in Vancouver for several days attending a conference for work. I’m hankering for some Hainanese Chicken Rice. I also want some bubble tea when I’m done, so I set my sights on City 1 Café on the corner of Oak Street and King Ed. City 1 Café is conveniently kitty corner to Dragon Ball Tea House.

Nonya Kaya Coconut Jam

Nonya Kaya or coconut jam. Have you tried? Do you like?
I was picking up some specialty items in the Osaka Supermarket at Yaohan Centre a few weeks ago and I spied this on the shelf next to the coconut milk. Coconut Jam! I impulsively grab a jar and place it in my rolling basket. (Seriously, all supermarkets should have these rolling baskets. It's a hand-basket with an elongated handle with castors on the bottom. Freakin' genius, I say!)

Nonya Kaya Coconut Jam ($4.69 for a 400g jar)

Banana Leaf - Vancouver, BC

I remember going to Banana Leaf Malaysian Cuisine back in my days in uni; back when Ais Kacang was still on their dessert menu. The initial Broadway location was located further west down the street. A Taste of Vietnam Restaurant occupies the old space now. The faded Yoplait Source yoghurt container that Banana Leaf used to hold their take out menus is still hanging outside the original location.

Chilli King - Kamloops, BC

Chilli King is a Malaysian restaurant located in the same shopping complex as the Canadian Tire on Hillside Drive. The space at one time was a seafood market; there are still some "fresh halibut" signs in the window and a nautical theme inside.

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