Lemonade Gluten Free Bakery - Vancouver, BC

My temporary apartment happens to be in quick walking proximity to Cambie Village and its various shops. Here’s some of the gluten free goodness I found at Lemonade Bakery on Cambie Street. It’s just a few doors down from Las Tortas.

Gourmet Kettle Fudge and Popcorn - Kamloops, BC

Gourmet Kettle Fudge and Popcorn is located in the small square building at the Valley View Shopping Complex parking lot. As I approach, I spy a minivan and two late model sedans with drivers all enjoying a soft serve cone with one elbow resting on the retracted side window. It’s hot and sunny today and I suspect they will drive away with that Driver’s Arm Tan. I knew Gourmet Kettle offered fudge and popcorn but I didn’t know they offered soft serve too.

Left Field Cider Co. - Mamette Lake, BC (Merritt)

A few weeks ago I was driving along Mamit Lake Road where I came across a new sign that read, “Ciderhouse 1km.” What? There’s no cider house out here. The sign didn’t lie. One click later we drove by Left Field Cider Co. Interesting.

Katryna's Perogy at Summit Gourmet Meats - Kamloops, BC

You like pierogi, and I like pyrohy.
Pierogi, pyrohy, perogy, pirogi
Let’s call the whole thing off.

No let’s not, because pierogi are tasty. (It’s late. Apologies to Gershwin lovers.)

Romania Country Bread (Storybrooke Bakery) - Steveston Village,BC

Once, or twice, Upon a Time...those two geeks are still in the fictional town of Storybrooke, Maine. When Steveston Village transforms for filming, the Romania Country Bread shop becomes Storybrooke Country Bread. The exterior signage for the fictional bakery remains up.

The Enchanted Teacup - Kamloops, BC

I met a princess in plain clothes today, and this is her castle.
Her castle is The Enchanted Teacup. It’s a drive-by discovery for me. I am on my way to Gary’s Deli when I see a purple and lime green building on Tranquille Road. Yes, purple and lime green.
Qu'est-ce que c'est?

Planet Bee Honey Farm and Meadery - Vernon, BC

This is Planet Bee Honey Farm in Vernon, BC. It’s a honey farm where you can buy honey, honey wine and take an educational tour to learn about the honey bees.

We are on our way home when I spot a sign that said “meadery.” How exciting! A meadery. I immediately have pictures running through my head with men in long robes with pewter goblets. I must go. We detour from our route and follow the touristy signs.

Gary's European Sausage & Deli - Kamloops, BC

If you ever move to a new place and want to know where to get good sausage my advice is to chat with local hunters. That’s how I first heard about Gary’s European Sausage and Deli. Not that I hunt or anything...

I’ve been meaning to visit Gary’s European Sausage and Deli for some time now, but have been taking my sweet ol’ time getting to it. Recently, a Love of Eating reader commented that he spotted malt beverages there. Well, I put my visit on fast-forward and made a visit on route to the garden centre.

Keely's Chop n' Block - Kamloops, BC

**UPDATE November 2011: Keely's Chop n' Block is now called Murphy's Chop n' Block, (or is it Murphy's Chopping Block?)**

Keely’s Chop n’ Block is one of the businesses tucked into the shopping area near the Canadian Tire on Hillside. It's across from Gourmet Greens. Out of sheer laziness I’m stopping into Keely’s chopping block to pick up a pound of pre-ground meat. Sometimes, if I only need a little bit of hamburger I don’t bother grinding my own. Also, I spend far too much time obsessing over cleaning the contraption afterwards. So there’s that.

The Empanada Lady - Kamloops, BC

The Empanada Lady sets up during the Saturday Farmers Market 8am to 12 noon or I guess until her supplies sell out. This is a food cart located on the east corner of Third Avenue and Saint Paul Street, just outside of the Farmer Market boundaries. I’m not sure if she is officially part of the Farmers Market proper, or if she just rolls with their schedule. You can find her at the Wednesday Farmers Market too on Victoria Street.

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