Desert Hills Ranch Farm Market - Ashcroft, BC

I interrupt my adventures in Nanaimo to bring you a quick trip that's closer to home. Some of you have been emailing me about Desert Hills Ranch and their yellow watermelons. Well my friends, they are now at The Wagon! Desert Hills produce wagon is one of my favourite stops during the summer and early fall.
(For my past visits to Desert Hill’s produce wagon click here and here.)

Torvehallerne Farmers Market - Copenhagen, Denmark

A Farmers Market in Denmark. I wish I came upon the Torvehallerne earlier during my trip. It's like a petite version of the Granville Island Market, but in the middle of Copenhagen.

The open air space is compact, but the stalls stock a nice variety of produce. Why didn’t I find this place a week ago?

Bellringer Espresso Bus - Kamloops, BC

The Bellringer Espresso Bus is usually parked somewhere on the Farmers Market grounds. I don’t need a lot of produce today so I thought it would be an opportune time to stop for a little feast. (I’m less inclined to stop for eats when my multiple canvas bags weigh me down like an overworked mule.)

The espresso bus is popular! There is a short line up of coffee lovers in front of the vehicle for most of the morning. The Bellringer Bus is open for breakfast and lunch, and of course great coffee drinks can be had all morning and afternoon.

The Old Country Market - Coombs, BC

Is it just me or has the The Old Country Market become a huge tourist trap over the years? I use to come here about once a month to shop for specialty products and to pick up my Maldon Salt. I thought I’d grab some flakey sodium today, but when I spy their newly inflated prices on the 8.5 ounce box, I take a pass. It’s still a fun place to browse and their pies are still some of the best I’ve encountered.

Desert Hills Ranch Produce Wagon - Ashcroft, BC

Just a quick post to inform y’all that the Desert Hills Ranch Produce Wagon is now open for the season! The Wagon’s been up and running for the season since July 23rd, but I didn’t get an opportunity to head down until today.

Kelowna Farmers and Crafters Market - Kelowna, BC

I do love me a good farmer’s market. How can I not make a detour to check out what’s happening at the Kelowna Farmers and Crafters Market? The only downside for me visiting farmers markets is the in-my-face reminder of the slow state of my own amateur garden.

Super weather today for an outdoor market, sunny but not hot. When I arrive the market is in full swing.

The Empanada Lady - Kamloops, BC

The Empanada Lady sets up during the Saturday Farmers Market 8am to 12 noon or I guess until her supplies sell out. This is a food cart located on the east corner of Third Avenue and Saint Paul Street, just outside of the Farmer Market boundaries. I’m not sure if she is officially part of the Farmers Market proper, or if she just rolls with their schedule. You can find her at the Wednesday Farmers Market too on Victoria Street.

Kamloops Farmers Market - Kamloops, BC

The Kamloops Farmers Market

The farmers market is back. Happy times.
What a gorgeous sunny morning for the first day of the Kamloops Farmers Market. This section of St. Paul Street is fairly quiet in earlier hours, but became a bit more abuzz later in the morning.

Eggs ($4.00 per dozen extra large or $3.50 per dozen regular size)

The Wagon at Desert Hills Ranch - Ashcroft, BC

In seven days summer will come to an official end. I love the summer season; that's when Farmer's markets, fruit and veggie stands are bursting with their bounty. It's a great time to be able to buy most of your basic fruits and vegetables locally.

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