Bellringer Espresso Bus - Kamloops, BC

The Bellringer Espresso Bus is usually parked somewhere on the Farmers Market grounds. I don’t need a lot of produce today so I thought it would be an opportune time to stop for a little feast. (I’m less inclined to stop for eats when my multiple canvas bags weigh me down like an overworked mule.)

The espresso bus is popular! There is a short line up of coffee lovers in front of the vehicle for most of the morning. The Bellringer Bus is open for breakfast and lunch, and of course great coffee drinks can be had all morning and afternoon.

The Empanada Lady - Kamloops, BC

The Empanada Lady sets up during the Saturday Farmers Market 8am to 12 noon or I guess until her supplies sell out. This is a food cart located on the east corner of Third Avenue and Saint Paul Street, just outside of the Farmer Market boundaries. I’m not sure if she is officially part of the Farmers Market proper, or if she just rolls with their schedule. You can find her at the Wednesday Farmers Market too on Victoria Street.

Japadog - Vancouver, BC

Japadog, it started out as just one cart on the corner of Smithe and Burrard. Japadog has four other locations now, one of which is a dine-in space on Davie Street. I still prefer the original site in front of the Sutton Place Hotel for my dog. The menu has gotten bigger over the years but it’s still relatively small.

Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur: Icelandic Hot Dog - Reykjavik, IS

Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur – Reykjavik, Iceland
*UPDATE December 2012: price of hotdog is now 320 ISK*

Hotdogs are things that I eat on the go, or when I’m at a child friendly summer barbeque. I've eaten a lot of dogs, but I don’t often crave them unless I find myself on Burrard Street near Japadog. On the plane ride to Iceland, one of the adverts on the seat-back screen said the most popular restaurant in Iceland was a hotdog stand. It didn’t’ say which one but it didn’t take much digging to find the name: Bæjarins Beztu.

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