Hill Top Bistro - Nanaimo, BC

If you live in Nanaimo, I hope you have already eaten at the Hill Top Bistro. If you live in Nanaimo and haven’t yet been to Hill Top Bistro, you need to get your derrière in gear. You really have no excuse if you’re a Nanaimo-ite. This is my favourite meal to date in Nanaimo.

I remember when this area on Rutherford Road was just a few wooden buildings on the side of the road, housing a couple of grandma-friendly* stores like the Quilted Duck and some garden shop. The retail area seems to be much bigger now with several more buildings and a number of unique businesses and restaurants.

Sandrine French Pastry and Chocolate - Kelowna, BC

I hope all of you enjoyed your long weekend. Here’s a quick post while I'm in Kelowna. As everyone else is in a breakfast meeting this A.M., I sneak over to Sandrine French Pastry and Chocolate for a quick coffee and some morning snacks. Shhh, I’ll be back before anyone notices.

La Boulangerie Sandrine is located in a strip mall on the corner of Harvey Avenue and Dilworth Drive.

Chocolatine ($2.75)

French Made Baking - Vancouver, BC

French Made Baking arrived near the corner of Kingsway and Broadway not too long ago. The location is convenient for me as I’m in this vicinity fairly often when I stay in Vancouver. It’s a bakery if you haven’t already Columbo’d that from the name. I pick up a few croissants and things to make a quick breakfast this morning; along with other items for nibbling throughout the day.

Macarons ($10.00 for six)

Mon Petit Choux Café and Bakery - Nanaimo, BC

Mon Petit Choux Bakery & Cafe on Urbanspoon

Le Plateau Bistro - Kelowna, BC

**UPDATE January 2013: Sadly Le Plateau Bistro has closed:(***

There’s a farm in Kelowna that sells a vast selection of heirloom seeds for local gardens. Since we have to be out here in the Okanagan for other matters, I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone. There’s not a huge selection of eateries as we blaze our way down to the farm, but there is Le Plateau Bistro.

Twisted Fork Bistro - Vancouver, BC

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