SalaJai Thai Restaurant- Kamloops, BC

Let’s try Thai today. SalaJai is a restaurant on Tranquille Road that offers Thai fare. I have to pick up a couple of items for the gardening season nearby and Salajai just happened to be in a handy location. Have you started anything garden-wise yet? I spy my neighbours have been diligently prepping and cleaning out their garden beds for the past couple of weeks.

Pork Satay ($9.50)

Zalathai - Nanaimo, BC

I can’t tell if my cold is better, worse or maintaining. I spent last night trying to sleep upright with rolled Kleenex strategically stuffed up my nostrils. Y’know when your nose runs but no air can get through your nostrils, so you can't blow it? So frustrating.

I’m here at Zalathai. This Thai restaurant is located on Victoria Crescent just a few doors down from the Thirsty Camel.

The Noodle Station - Reykjavík, Iceland

I’ve mentioned before how much I love the smoked fish here in Iceland, and I love the rye bread here too. Since my time in Iceland is limited, I choose to take advantage of this amazing bounty. I’ve been eating smørrebrød with various Icelandic lox for several days straight. Every day.
How could I possibly tire of all this delicious salt cured and cold smoked fish? Never!

I am wrong. It is possible to have too much of a good thing.

Today, I can’t even look at fish. The very thought of another open faced sandwich for any meal or snack will make me run up the Hallgrímskirkja and scream.

Warunee's Thai Restaurant - Kamloops, BC

This is Warunee’s Thai Restaurant. Did you know Warunee’s Thai Restaurant is closing soon? I think the signage stated the closing will be at the end of December 2012.
This Thai restaurant has been a fixture on 400 block of Tranquille Road for decades and from evidence of the photo collages on the wall, Warunee’s has a loyal following.

*Details will be brief. (See reason below.)

Coconut Juice ($3.95)

Gaeng Massaman ($13.95)

Nonya Kaya Coconut Jam

Nonya Kaya or coconut jam. Have you tried? Do you like?
I was picking up some specialty items in the Osaka Supermarket at Yaohan Centre a few weeks ago and I spied this on the shelf next to the coconut milk. Coconut Jam! I impulsively grab a jar and place it in my rolling basket. (Seriously, all supermarkets should have these rolling baskets. It's a hand-basket with an elongated handle with castors on the bottom. Freakin' genius, I say!)

Nonya Kaya Coconut Jam ($4.69 for a 400g jar)

Sukho Thai - Kelowna, BC

Sukho Thai on Urbanspoon

Admittedly at times, I have a maturity level of a 12 year old. Leave it to me to take a cultural term and twist it into something for my own entertainment. That’s the main reason why I’m here at Sukho Thai. Tee, hee, hee. Some years ago, there was a phở joint on Kingsway in Vancouver, which also entertained me greatly with their name: Phở Bich Nga. Oh the memories!

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