Queen India - Merritt, BC

Here’s a quicky post while I’m in Merritt:
I hope you all enjoyed the weekend. I know for some it was a long weekend, and some of you lucky ducks are still on your weekend.
Queen India is another venue for Gas Stations Eats (Click here for my other Gas Station Eats.) It’s located in Merritt, attached to the Esso Gas Station on Dewolf Way. Queen India’s proper given name is “Queen India Food 2 Go.” Despite the name, I choose to dine-in today and enjoy the view.

Nayaab Fine Indian Cuisine - Kamloops, BC

**UPDATE: September 2012 Nayaab Fine Indian is now closed. Cornerstone Sushi and Korean BBQ now occupies this space.**

After the original owner of Spice A Taste of Indian Cuisine sold his Northshore restaurant, he went on the hunt for a new project. This is the finished product: Nayaab Fine Indian Cuisine on Seymour Street near 6th Avenue. DL caught wind of this new Indian Restaurant via A.L.

City 1 Café - Vancouver, BC

I am in Vancouver for several days attending a conference for work. I’m hankering for some Hainanese Chicken Rice. I also want some bubble tea when I’m done, so I set my sights on City 1 Café on the corner of Oak Street and King Ed. City 1 Café is conveniently kitty corner to Dragon Ball Tea House.

Indian Aroma - Kamloops, BC

Doesn’t the workload leading up to the end of the year seem like it quadruples?
I have enough time tonight to deek into Indian Aroma for a little dinner. You can’t see Indian Aroma from the street, because it’s a food kiosk inside a building on Victoria Street. I have never been in this food court before. Most of the food outlets in here are closed for the night, but Indian Aroma is still open for business.

Shandhar Hut Indian Cuisine - Chilliwack, BC

On my way home. Thank goodness. My stay in Vancouver was made much longer due to some unexpected (...and major) vehicular issues.

Banana Leaf - Vancouver, BC

I remember going to Banana Leaf Malaysian Cuisine back in my days in uni; back when Ais Kacang was still on their dessert menu. The initial Broadway location was located further west down the street. A Taste of Vietnam Restaurant occupies the old space now. The faded Yoplait Source yoghurt container that Banana Leaf used to hold their take out menus is still hanging outside the original location.

Kamloops Farmers Market - Kamloops, BC

The Kamloops Farmers Market

The farmers market is back. Happy times.
What a gorgeous sunny morning for the first day of the Kamloops Farmers Market. This section of St. Paul Street is fairly quiet in earlier hours, but became a bit more abuzz later in the morning.

Eggs ($4.00 per dozen extra large or $3.50 per dozen regular size)

Maurya's Fine Indian Cuisine - Kamloops, BC

We decided to play Parking Space Roulette and let the next convenient spot dictate where we eat tonight. I’ve been to Maurya’s Fine Indian Cuisine a number of times, but that was about 3 or 4 years ago driving through town enroute to other destinations. I remember it as being just ok. I recall the take-out experience being way better than the eat-in experience and that's why I haven’t been back in so long.

Chilli King - Kamloops, BC

Chilli King is a Malaysian restaurant located in the same shopping complex as the Canadian Tire on Hillside Drive. The space at one time was a seafood market; there are still some "fresh halibut" signs in the window and a nautical theme inside.

Vyanjan Fine Indian Cuisine - Kamloops, BC

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