Planet Bee Honey Farm and Meadery - Vernon, BC

This is Planet Bee Honey Farm in Vernon, BC. It’s a honey farm where you can buy honey, honey wine and take an educational tour to learn about the honey bees.

We are on our way home when I spot a sign that said “meadery.” How exciting! A meadery. I immediately have pictures running through my head with men in long robes with pewter goblets. I must go. We detour from our route and follow the touristy signs.

Brownstone Restaurant - Kamloops, BC

Ah the Brownstone Restaurant. I've noticed that locals like to recommend this restaurant when "out of towners" come through Kamloops. Is it really because the food is good, or is it because there's no where else to recommend unless it's a chain restaurant?

Bonaparte Bend Winery - Cache Creek, BC

Who knew there was a winery in Cache Creek of all places. I remember a few years ago driving past the Bonaparte Bend Winery on a trip up to 100 Mile House during the winter. I finally made it back during the summer months to give it a try.

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