Ono's Sushi - Abbotsford, BC

So long Nanaimo! As I make my way back home I’ll share with you some places on the way. First stop is Abbottsford. I need London Drugs, but I also need an easy off-ramp-and-then-back-on-ramp to the highway type of London Drugs. Highstreet shopping centre fits these criteria.

Since I’m stopping I thought I might as well grab a bite to eat. Ono’s Sushi was the closest eatery to where I found a vacant parking stall. So Ono’s it is.

Ebi Sunomono ($5.00)

Serendipi Tea - Abbotsford, BC

On the road again... I stop for afternoon tea in Abbotsford at Serendipi Tea.
The space is very feminine with dainty china and shabby-chic décor. Pretty little tea house.

Afternoon Tea Service ($18.95 per person)

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