Power House Living Foods - Nanaimo, BC

The days are slipping away on me! It’s been awhile since my last post, and it’s already December! This weekend I tagged along with a hyper-organized friend of mine, while she finished her holiday shopping. To my relief, the stores were not as busy with shoppers as I thought it would be.

Kekuli Café - Kelowna, BC

Every time I see the signage for Kekuli Café, I wish myself a merry Christmas à la Bing Crosby. Why? I don’t know. There is no reason for me to do this. Kekuli looks nothing like Kalikimaka, does it?

It is early in the morning, but the weather is already comfortably warm in Westbank. When I arrive, the outside patio tables are already occupied by early bird diners.


Moo-Lix Ice Cream Shop - Kelowna, BC

It’s still early in the afternoon, so I deak into Moo-Lix for ice-cream before the weather gets too warm today. Yes, it is possible for the weather to be too warm to enjoy a cone.

Chiffon Chinese Cuisine - Richmond, BC

Chiffon has been renovated in the past few years. I have no idea if it is under the same ownership or not. They serve the same type of food, so does it really matter?? It’s a bubble tea and Chinese café. We only stopped by for some refreshments.

Champagne Grape Green Tea with pearls ($4.75)

Dragon Ball Tea House - Vancouver, BC

I always come back to Dragon Ball. This has been our go-to place for BBT for years. I have tried most of their drinks on the menu with various pearl/jelly/pudding combinations, and have had great tasting results each time.

Avocado Milk Slush with Coconut Jelly and Pudding ($4.50)

Café Paris - Reykjavík, IS

Internet. It seems we can’t live our lives without it. It wasn’t that long ago when internet was not so readily available. Remember modems? Iceland is a country where everyone freely embraces and understands the need for internet and technology. Every business, no matter how small, has a slick website and free WiFi is common and easy to find. That’s what brought us to Café Paris in Reykjavík this morning. We needed a place to work, check mail and eat.

Fresh Healthy Café - Kamloops, BC

**UPDATE September 2012: Fresh Cafe is now closed.

I found breakfast this morning at Fresh Café. I wasn’t sure what I wanted from a "healthy café" for breakfast. I'm not feeling a granola craving today. Hey, I figure that if Pure Cuisine can bang out tasty, inventive, healthy raw meals, then Fresh can surely provide some brekkie. Truth be told, I wasn’t searching for anything healthy this morning. I wanted some bacon.

Pure Cuisine - Kamloops, BC

**UPDATE 2012: Pure Cuisine is now closed.

Before heading down to the Contruction Sites Identity and Space exhibition at the Kamloops Art Gallery, we headed to Pure Cuisine for a light lunch. This particular exhibit runs until the end of the year if you're interested. Pure Cuisine specializes in raw food.

The Spot - Trail, BC

We decided to take a road trip this summer. We geocached our way through the Kootneys and found ourselves in small towns like Trail. I had not planned on blogging about any of our meals but I found two in particular that I felt needed to be shared.

**UPDATE 2014: New owners and now called the Hot Spot Diner**
**UPDATE August 2013: The Spot is up for sale.**

Vyanjan Fine Indian Cuisine - Kamloops, BC

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