Shiro - Vancouver, BC

After a morning of grocery getting and mindless window shopping, I find myself ravenous, and in need of lunch quickly. Oh, Shiro. Shiro is always handy for a generous lunch. So here I am. Me and my little red senior’s cart.

NaRi Sushi - Kelowna, BC

I’m at NaRi Sushi today for a quick lunch stop. NaRi Sushi is located in the Snyatan shopping complex, several doors down from Bamboo Chopsticks (Click here for my Bamboo Chopsticks visit.)

When I first started coming out to Kelowna I would see signs and TV adverts in my hotel room referring to K-Town. For the longest time I was wondering, “So there’s a Korea Town in Kelowna? Where is it?”
Deserving of an eye-roll, I know. I’m so thankful I never opened my mouth and asked anyone about a K-Town in Kelowna.

Tempura Udon ($10.00)

Ono's Sushi - Abbotsford, BC

So long Nanaimo! As I make my way back home I’ll share with you some places on the way. First stop is Abbottsford. I need London Drugs, but I also need an easy off-ramp-and-then-back-on-ramp to the highway type of London Drugs. Highstreet shopping centre fits these criteria.

Since I’m stopping I thought I might as well grab a bite to eat. Ono’s Sushi was the closest eatery to where I found a vacant parking stall. So Ono’s it is.

Ebi Sunomono ($5.00)

Bistro Taiyo - Nanaimo, BC

The last time I was at Bistro Taiyo it was a little Japanese home-style café with a hand drawn menu adorned with a cartoon sunshine staring back at you. That was a while ago. Now Bistro Taiyo is a sushi bar. The restaurant is tucked in the Heritage Mews in the Old City Quarter just off of Wesley Street. It’s right next to 899 Kitchen. Click here to read about my 899 Kitchen noodles.

Green Tea ($1.50)

Hello Sushi - Nanaimo, BC

Oh my goodness. I am so behind in my work. I have an assignment due in a few days. I hope I make the deadline. This is making me a little sweaty and stressed.
But I gotta eat right? So I take a break and go for something quick.

Why hello there, sushi...

Eden Bento Café - Kamloops, BC

Eden Bento. Here's another little eatery that has been languishing on my list for some time. The location is once again familiar, the last time I wrote about this space it was known as Sip’s Martinis and Tapas.
Eden Bento serves up Japanese style meals-in-a-box with a side of Korean flair.

Time, or lack thereof, often dictates where and what I can eat. I need something relatively quick tonight. "Quick" as in I don’t have time to linger around three courses and drinks, but not so "quick" that I need to order through a wireless intercom system.

The Fish Market Restaurant Fiskmarkaðurinn - Reykjavík, Iceland

Here I am at The Fish Market or Fiskmarkaðurinn. This seafood restaurant is located in the old Kvosin area of Reykjavík, which is like the city center.

Earlier today, I jumped in a water filled crack that opened up on the earth’s crust. As you do.

Ajisai Sushi - Vancouver, BC

I’ve been cooling it with sushi lately, but due to an extended stay in Vancouver I find myself in Kerrisdale. Well now, I decide to treat myself to a roll or two. Ajisai Sushi is a compact Japanese restaurant. The floor space is a bit awkward but it works. It’s elbow to elbow in here today, but I find bar seating in front of the window.

Assorted Sashimi ($16.00)

Sanbiki Japanese Kitchen - Kamloops, BC

I have to return a rental car downtown today and discovered some people don’t know the concept of “merging into traffic.” Afterwards, I find myself on Lansdowne Street needing some eats. I’ve been to Sanbiki Japanese Kitchen in the past and it’s been good. However, I’ve only ever had their maki rolls and nigiri.

Arigato Sushi - Kamloops, BC

Arigato Sushi. I had to step back from this particular entry for a breather and gather my chi before writing this. If you have been reading this food blog since the beginning, you may recall that I have some aversions to eating fish and other seafoods so far away from well, the sea. I know, it’s kinda silly, but that’s what I’m working on.

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