Las Tortas - Vancouver, BC

I’m still hanging around Vancouver for a while. I’ve been lucky with the weather as it’s been agreeable for my entire stay so far. I’ve been able to walk pretty much everywhere. A short walk from my temporary digs is Las Tortas. (The last time I blogged about this substantial Mexican sandwich was at Aca Las Tortas in Bothell, Washington.)

Rajissimo - Copenhagen, Denmark

My reservations at Noma didn’t work out for tonight, so I find myself with an empty chunk of time during the evening. It’s cold. I’m desperate for a hot chocolate, which makes me stop at this curious food stand.

The Nest Bistro - Nanaimo, BC

Here I am in Nanaimo, again. I really didn’t want to make another ferry trip out so soon, but it is what it is. I discover a new little eatery while I am here, so that’s worth it, no? After I finish with my tasks a few doors down, I happen to walk up the street and I notice this new restaurant where a Thai restaurant used to be. It was one of those, “Hey, this was never here before” moments.

Lvoe/Love of Eating British Columbia restaurants
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