Troller's Fish and Chips - Nanaimo, BC

I hope you all had a thankful Thanksgiving this past weekend.
Now, prepare yourself. As it’ll be all Halloween madness for the next little while. I just spent a long time watching a neighbour inflate a 10 foot animated black Halloween cat.

Old City Take Out - Nanaimo BC

I’m here in Nanaimo on special assignment. I love referring to it as “special assignment” as it makes my work sound way more Fox Mulder-ish. I know I’ll have my nose to the grindstone for most of my time on Vancouver Island, but I hope to share out some eateries while I’m here.

Buy the Sea - Kelowna, BC

I’m eating at Buy the Sea Fresh Seafood Market and Fish n’ Chip Shop today. There are two locations of Buy the Sea. I’m at the West Kelowna location; the other one is in Penticton.

Oh Westbank...

Rumor's Restaurant and Bakery - Spences Bridge, BC

I’ve been meaning to stop in Spences Bridge for a while now. There was a time when I commuted through this community on a daily basis. Every day for a year, my carpool and I cruised past Rumor's Restaurant and Bakery at 6:15am and then again at 5:15pm. I always wondered about this DDE.

Pirate Chips - Nanaimo, BC

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