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Thanks for visiting Love of Eating. I’d like to dedicate a page on my site to bloggers in Kamloops and the surrounding areas. Here are some other sites, not necessarily food related, that are based in and around these here parts...

Bumbling About Kamloops with A.L. Smithey
A.L. Smithey pens a blog site that includes a little bit of everything: local events, food, art and tons of Kamloops related goodies. The artiste extraordinaire also creates pencil crayon grocery lists that are a highlight…for me anyways…

Love of Eating reader Mikeeymike now has his own food blog site! Restaurants, deals and interesting food quotes. He gets straight the point.

Food Beyond Hope
I love the name of this site! So very fitting. This fellow food lover offers up recipes and experiences from a little farther north.
**UPDATE 2012: Food Beyond Hope seems to have taken a break from current posts.**

Here's a daily photo log by another coastal transplant. No words, just thoughtful images that speak for themselves.
**UPDATE 2012: This daily photo log has completed the 365 day goal**

Girl with the Red Hair
Do you enjoy running? Running, for some years, was a favourite activity of mine. I stepped away from it, and the Girl with the Red Hair inspired me to go back. Amber chronicles her training and races, with a few extras thrown in there.

I hope this list grows as I find more interesting local blogs that are regularly maintained and available for our perusing pleasure.

Happy eating (...and reading!)

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