Baoguette Vietnamese Bistro - Vancouver, BC

I’ve been back and forth to and from the coast for the past several weeks, and it seems it will be this way for the next little while. I figure I’ll throw in a coastal entry or two; otherwise I won’t be penning anything for weeks!

Baoguette is a little Vietnamese eatery on Denman and Beach Avenue. It’s right across from the wildly popular art installation: A-Maze-ing Laughter or “Laughing Man Statues.”

Pho Chilli #1 - Chilliwack, BC

Getting closer to home. Today's stop is Chilliwack.
I’ve contemplated Pho Chilli #1 on my way to Pho Galaxy a few times in the past, but always ended up at Pho Galaxy. The two restaurants are just down the street from one another. (I really should do a re-visit blog post for Pho Galaxy since it’s been a while and I think the broth is richer than the first time I went. Click here for my Pho Galaxy visit when they first opened.)

Pho Tin Tin - Nanaimo, BC

Ugh. I have a monstrous headache right now. I thought a hot bowl of phở might help me. I’m at Pho Tin Tin today. Pho Tintin is brought to you by the folks of Tin Tin Market. Which is the Asian grocery store located next door. I pick up a box of Trung Nguyen coffee at the market before I head over to Pho Tintin. (I can’t decide if it’s Pho Tintin or Pho Tin Tin. Please enlighten me if you know.)

Tin Tin Roll ($4.95)

Phở A Dong - Nanaimo, BC

It’s the annual Nanaimo Marine Festival and Championship Bathtub Races today and this weekend. The Bathtub Days street fair looks like it is in full swing downtown on Commercial Street. I gave it a looksy.

Fratelli Foods Pho - Kamloops, BC

I first wrote about Fratelli Foods offering phở way back in January. Fratelli’s doesn’t offer beef noodle soup every day of the week, so I knew it would be a while before the stars aligned, and I found myself downtown on an afternoon when the broth was a brewin'. Today was the day.

I love having hot soupy noodles on a hot day. Sweat it out.

Bamboo Chopsticks - Kelowna, BC

Spending a few days in West Kelowna for a meeting; I arrive in town a little earlier than expected, so I went to grab some phở before Bamboo Chopsticks closes. Bamboo Chopsticks is a Vietnamese cuisine restaurant in Westbank. It is located in the Snyatan shopping complex. Bamboo Chopsticks sits opposite Winners and next to Mr. Mozzarella Pizza.

Fratelli Foods: Pho - Kamloops, BC

Did you know there is pho available at Fratelli Foods?
I noticed this sign the other day at Fratelli Foods on Victoria Street. A bowl of pho can be had on Mondays or Wednesdays for $7. I strolled by during the weekend, so I couldn't try.

It will be awhile before I can get myself downtown on a Monday or Wednesday afternoon.

Have you tried Fratelli pho?

Phở at Donut King & Coffee - Kamloops, BC

Did you know there is phở available in Kamloops?
How much do I love the fact that the establishment, which brings phở to Kamloops, is the local doughnut shop?
That’s right my friends, the Donut King is now serving Vietnamese beef noodle soup.
The Tranquille Road Donut King location has been offering phở for the past month or so, but lucky for me, today is the first day the Summit Drive location has it available.

Phở Fusion - Vernon, BC

Seriously, phở again? Yeah, seriously phở again. We stop for lunch on our way out of Vernon. It’s early, before noon and Phở Fusion just opened. There are already a few tables occupied when we arrive.
Despite the name, there is not much fusion going on here. The menu is straight up Vietnamese.

Young Coconut Juice ($3.00)

Vietnam Village - Kelowna, BC

Phở again? Yes, phở again. I’m curious about beef noodle soup in Kelowna. I’ve been to the Vietnam Village before. Years ago. I can’t remember if it had the same name when I first visited. I have no idea if it is under the same ownership either. It still looks the same.

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