Honey Tom Chicken - Kelowna, BC

I'm on my way out of Kelowna and I had to share with you Honey Tom Chicken before it's too late. Honey Tom Chicken is KFC. No, not the Colonel, but rather KFC as in: Korean Fried Chicken. The little shop is on the corner of Benvoulin Road and K.L.O. Road. If you like Korean style fried chicken this the place to get it in the interior.

Lee's Famous Recipe Chicken - Nanaimo, BC

Apparently, Nanaimo is hurting for fried chicken. After temporarily re-locating to Nanaimo for an extended stint and telling y'all about my chicken dance with L.A. Chicken before heading over here, I received some emails from Nanaimo-ites expressing their frustration with the lack of fried poultry in this Harbour City.

L.A. Chicken - Richmond, BC

I never came here to L.A. Chicken when I lived in Richmond. I lived just off of Number 3 Road, yet Number 5 Road just seemed so... far away. Lazy, right?
Sometimes when I think back to those days, I have to give myself a big ol’ eyeroll.

I wasn’t planning on blogging about L.A. Chicken, but I have been a patron of this place more times in the past 12 months than I care to admit. I mentioned over a year ago that my work conferences all moved from their traditional downtown Coal Harbour locales to various major Richmond hotels.

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