Las Tortas - Vancouver, BC

I’m still hanging around Vancouver for a while. I’ve been lucky with the weather as it’s been agreeable for my entire stay so far. I’ve been able to walk pretty much everywhere. A short walk from my temporary digs is Las Tortas. (The last time I blogged about this substantial Mexican sandwich was at Aca Las Tortas in Bothell, Washington.)

Baby Salsa - Nanaimo, BC

I hope you enjoyed the holiday festivities last week, and are ready for more tonight. I recovered from my bout of feeling under-the-weather just in time for the holiday. Sinus-y? Do the nasal flush thing, trust. It works.
2013 was busy. So busy that I haven’t been able to write on Love of Eating as much as I normally would. I only have a few more things to share from Nanaimo, before I resume posts closer from home.

The Empanada Lady - Kamloops, BC

The Empanada Lady sets up during the Saturday Farmers Market 8am to 12 noon or I guess until her supplies sell out. This is a food cart located on the east corner of Third Avenue and Saint Paul Street, just outside of the Farmer Market boundaries. I’m not sure if she is officially part of the Farmers Market proper, or if she just rolls with their schedule. You can find her at the Wednesday Farmers Market too on Victoria Street.

Hot House Bistro - Kamloops, BC

**UPDATE Sept 2013: The folks behind Hot House Bistro have now closed its doors. However, they also opened the Smokin' Duck Eatery at the Pond Country Market.**

Aca Las Tortas - Bothell, WA

Aca Las Tortas. This little gem is located in a strip mall just off the 405 on the Bothell-Everett Highway. We found it some time ago, when we were wanting some pho at the Bamboo House (located a few doors down) and the Bamboo House was closed. Great find. It's now become a regular stop for us.

I love tortas! It's totally my kind of sandwich.

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