Liberté Méditerranée: This is what other yogurts dream of being...

I know many people already love Liberté yogurts, and there have already been many blog entries on other sites about it, but I just thought I'd add one more. Partly because since moving from the coast I have been trying to find it out here. I found it at Nature's Fare Market in Kamloops. Thanks god!
For yogurt lovers this is a must try. I believe when yogurts are young they must dream of growing up to be Liberté Méditerranée.

Hello Toast - Kamloops, BC

Late brekkie today at Hello Toast. Hello Toast is a causal home style cafe in downtown Kamloops. We were greeted promptly and customers may seat themselves. The atmosphere was very warm and welcoming.

Traditional breakfast ($9.75)

Goldie's Flavours of India - Kamloops, BC

Goldie's is a south asian restaurant that sits on the same lot as some motel (the name of the motel escapes me at this time.) It looks to be a family operated business, with all members of the family multitasking as servers, bussers and front end staff. This is my second visit to Goldie's since moving from the eating heaven that is Vancouver and it's surrounding areas.

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