Anie's Pizza & Bakery New Location - Cache Creek, BC

I had blogged about Anie's Pizza and Bakery back in February here. Anie found a bigger and brighter space about 2 blocks up from her original spot. I asked the staff what the street address was, but nobody (including Anie) knew what it was! Am I the only one to find that strange? I did a little detective work on my own, and found the address to be 1206 Cariboo Highway. It's basically across the highway from the Dairy Queen in Cache Creek.

Anie's Pizza & Bakery - Cache Creek, BC

Now Anie's would be one of those places that would be a DDE to many of you driving through. However, I was informed months ago that it is probably one of the better places to eat in Cache Creek.

**UPDATE October 2010: Anie's has now MOVED up the highway to a new location. She is now located in the old Bob's Recreational Sales buiding at 1206 Cariboo Highway (across from the Dairy Queen in Cache Creek.)

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