Sahale Snacks at London Drugs - Kamloops, BC

Sahale Snacks. Have you tried these?

Chiffon Chinese Cuisine - Richmond, BC

Chiffon has been renovated in the past few years. I have no idea if it is under the same ownership or not. They serve the same type of food, so does it really matter?? It’s a bubble tea and Chinese café. We only stopped by for some refreshments.

Champagne Grape Green Tea with pearls ($4.75)

Red Star Seafood Restaurant: Dim Sum - Vancouver, BC

Red Star Seafood Restaurant, the last time I ate here was several months ago for a 10 course dinner service. I’ve heard good things about their dim sum, so I am very eager this morning to give it a go.

Deep Fried Pork Dumplings

Motomachi Shokudo - Vancouver, BC

Twisted Fork Bistro - Vancouver, BC

Egils Maltextrakt and the Search for Malt Beverages in Kamloops, BC

Fun fact: did you know beer was banned in Iceland until 1989? During Iceland’s prohibition era some non alcoholic or low alcohol beer-like beverages became common in Iceland. Some of those virgin libations are still popular today. One of them is my current obsession: Egils Maltextrakt.

Dragon Ball Tea House - Vancouver, BC

I always come back to Dragon Ball. This has been our go-to place for BBT for years. I have tried most of their drinks on the menu with various pearl/jelly/pudding combinations, and have had great tasting results each time.

Avocado Milk Slush with Coconut Jelly and Pudding ($4.50)

Japadog - Vancouver, BC

Japadog, it started out as just one cart on the corner of Smithe and Burrard. Japadog has four other locations now, one of which is a dine-in space on Davie Street. I still prefer the original site in front of the Sutton Place Hotel for my dog. The menu has gotten bigger over the years but it’s still relatively small.

Western Lake Chinese Seafood: Alaskan King Crab - Vancouver, BC

It’s that time of year again...Alaskan King Crab time! In preparation for this feast I ate only a small lunch this afternoon, and wore yoga pants to the restaurant for expandability.

King Crabs ($18.00 per pound)

Sushiyama - Vancouver, BC

Sushiyama. There are literally hundreds of sushi places in the GVRD. This one never called out to me. Until now. I was exchanging favourite places-to-nosh with a Love of Eating reader and Sushiyama came up as his go-to place when down on the coast. Sushiyama is in a convenient location for me as I find myself in this area of Broadway very often when I head down to Vancouver. I'm here for a few days...

Ding! Quittin' time! I head straight over to Sushiyama after work, and happily there is no line up. Obviously a very popular spot; the small restaurant filled to capacity within 20 minutes or so.

Assorted Sashimi (11.50)

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