Bonaparte Bend Winery - Cache Creek, BC

Who knew there was a winery in Cache Creek of all places. I remember a few years ago driving past the Bonaparte Bend Winery on a trip up to 100 Mile House during the winter. I finally made it back during the summer months to give it a try.

Ashcroft Manor & Teahouse - Ashcroft, BC

It's a bit of a misnomer. I love afternoon tea and was hoping this would be a full fledged teahouse, but upon calling the restaurant I discovered they don't offer an afternoon tea service. Oh well, I headed over to the Ashcroft heritage site for lunch anyway. Here's a description of Ashcroft Manor from

CHUM'S Restaurant - Cache Creek, BC

We drive by Chum's Family Restaurant quite a bit and notice that it seems to be busy during the breakfast hours. Chum's has been a DDE to me for quiet some time. It's located right at the junction of highway 1 and highway 97c (the turn off to go to the 'Loop.)

Central Café - Ashcroft, BC

Went to the Central Cafe for lunch. It's a quaint little cafe in the village of Ashcroft. The cafe has a Facebook page and a website if you care to check out a sample menu.

We started with some home made iced tea and peppermint tea. ($1.49; $2.29)

madisens - Kamloops, BC

Went to madisens for Mitchell Shafer's weekend menu. This restaurant is located at the South Thompson Inn Guest Ranch and Conference Centre in Kamloops, BC.

Anie's Pizza & Bakery - Cache Creek, BC

Now Anie's would be one of those places that would be a DDE to many of you driving through. However, I was informed months ago that it is probably one of the better places to eat in Cache Creek.

**UPDATE October 2010: Anie's has now MOVED up the highway to a new location. She is now located in the old Bob's Recreational Sales buiding at 1206 Cariboo Highway (across from the Dairy Queen in Cache Creek.)

Hello Toast - Kamloops, BC

Late brekkie today at Hello Toast. Hello Toast is a causal home style cafe in downtown Kamloops. We were greeted promptly and customers may seat themselves. The atmosphere was very warm and welcoming.

Traditional breakfast ($9.75)

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