Talylor's Breakfast Nook and Lunch Counter - Ashcroft, BC

**UPDATE: Taylor's Breakfast Nook is now April's Bistro.**

On occasion I find myself in Ashcroft's downtown core. I noticed a hand painted window for Taylor's Breakfast Nook several weeks ago. I finally found myself back on Railway Avenue this afternoon to try it. It's definitely a nook! The restaurant houses less than 10 tables with a cozy open kitchen. This small home-style diner is run by a lovely couple.

The Press Box / Zhen Zhen Restaurant - Kamloops, BC

**UPDATE: Press Box/Zhen Zhen is now closed."

I initially wanted to go have lunch at Sanbiki but they were closed for lunch on Saturdays. Oh well. I decided to pick up some cat food for the beast, and head home. As I pulled into the Total Pet parking lot I noticed a sign that said, NOW OPEN. It was in the window of a place called The Press Box Zhen Zhen Restaurant. I kid you not, look at the picture. Well hey, who am I to pass up a new restaurant.

Amsterdam Breakfast and Lunch Original Dutch Pancakes - Kamloops, BC

The air was filled with smoke this morning when we arrived at the pannekoek house. In the photos it looks like it is an overcast wintery day, but that's smoke my friends. BC is burning this summer (well sadly it burns every summer.)

Joe's Grill - (Kitsilano) Vancouver, BC

I try not to blog about things back in the old neighbourhood, but I wanted to slide this one in. Back in my UBC years we use to eat brunch or breakfast in various diners along this stretch of 4th Avenue all the time. Ahhh, the memories... Joe's Grill has a few locations, this one is in Kitsilano. I live for breakfast foods. I can eat eggs and hashbrowns any time of the day. Joe's Grill is your typical greasy spoon, but with great non greasy food. The food here is solid; the prices are cheap compared to other decent breakfast/brunch places.

Weekend Special: Boerewor Breakfast ($8.95)

The Cutting Board Restaurant - Lytton, BC

The Cutting Board is part of the Kumsheen Rafting Resort located about 5km north of Lytton, BC. I'm suprised I'm blogging about this place as I had boycotted them due to poor service about 4 years ago*. Yeah, I can hold a grudge. Well it's 2010, and I found myself in the area and hungry. It was early enough in the day that they would still be serving breakfast, so we decided to give it another go. C'mon it has been four years; and there's been turn over in staff since then, so the service must be better...

CHUM'S Restaurant - Cache Creek, BC

We drive by Chum's Family Restaurant quite a bit and notice that it seems to be busy during the breakfast hours. Chum's has been a DDE to me for quiet some time. It's located right at the junction of highway 1 and highway 97c (the turn off to go to the 'Loop.)

Hello Toast - Kamloops, BC

Late brekkie today at Hello Toast. Hello Toast is a causal home style cafe in downtown Kamloops. We were greeted promptly and customers may seat themselves. The atmosphere was very warm and welcoming.

Traditional breakfast ($9.75)

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