City 1 Café - Vancouver, BC

I am in Vancouver for several days attending a conference for work. I’m hankering for some Hainanese Chicken Rice. I also want some bubble tea when I’m done, so I set my sights on City 1 Café on the corner of Oak Street and King Ed. City 1 Café is conveniently kitty corner to Dragon Ball Tea House.

French Made Baking - Vancouver, BC

French Made Baking arrived near the corner of Kingsway and Broadway not too long ago. The location is convenient for me as I’m in this vicinity fairly often when I stay in Vancouver. It’s a bakery if you haven’t already Columbo’d that from the name. I pick up a few croissants and things to make a quick breakfast this morning; along with other items for nibbling throughout the day.

Macarons ($10.00 for six)

i-Café - Vancouver, BC

The last time I ate was 22 hours ago, and that was 6 cubes of honeydew and 4 cubes of cantaloupe. Needless to say, at this point I am willing to eat a leather shoe.

Banana Leaf - Vancouver, BC

I remember going to Banana Leaf Malaysian Cuisine back in my days in uni; back when Ais Kacang was still on their dessert menu. The initial Broadway location was located further west down the street. A Taste of Vietnam Restaurant occupies the old space now. The faded Yoplait Source yoghurt container that Banana Leaf used to hold their take out menus is still hanging outside the original location.

Ajisai Sushi - Vancouver, BC

I’ve been cooling it with sushi lately, but due to an extended stay in Vancouver I find myself in Kerrisdale. Well now, I decide to treat myself to a roll or two. Ajisai Sushi is a compact Japanese restaurant. The floor space is a bit awkward but it works. It’s elbow to elbow in here today, but I find bar seating in front of the window.

Assorted Sashimi ($16.00)

Kingsway Deli - Vancouver, BC

The Kingsway Deli sits next to Tung Hing Bakery, near the corner of Kingsway and Inverness. For years I've been playing out my own version of the Battle of the Bánh Mì between these two. If you come to get a bánh mì at the Tung Hing Bakery, then you must stop by Kingsway Deli as well. They also serve bánh mì, and it is tasty too. Kingsway Deli's subs are slightly cheaper than Tung Hing, but the real reason why I come here is for their popsicles. Yes, my friends, the frozen fruit pops!

Tiem Banh Dong Khanh Tung Hing Bakery - Vancouver, BC

Or Tung Hing for short...We’ve been purchasing our bánh mì here for several years. Back when the most expensive sub on the menu came to a whopping $2.00. The price has crept up over the years, but at a thrifty $3.25, they are still far cheaper than any other sub sandwich.

Congee Noodle House - Vancouver, BC

Congee Noodle House is a reliable spot to get cheap, fast eats. I haven’t been here in yonks, but it’s nice to know its still here. Congee Noodle House is one of the restaurants you can count on to be open late in the Broadway and Main area. So here we are. It’s late, and I’m a bit nibbly.

Soy Pork Hock with Noodle ($7.25)

Longs Noodle House - Vancouver, BC

Long's Noodle House 小龍記麵家 on Urbanspoon

Needing a quick snack we stop into Long’s Noodle House. Coming off of a long ferry ride, having some food at Long’s Noodle House is a welcome break. Have you subjected yourself to BC Ferries lately? The fares are crazy.

We decide to just get some old standby dishes, before heading out to complete some evening tasks in Vancouver.

Wine Chicken ($6.95)

Seaside Village - Horseshoe Bay, BC

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