The Bread Company - Kelowna, BC

I need a little breakfast before I start a full day today, so this morning and I’m here at The Bread Company. I love eateries that open early, and the Bread Co. opens conveniently at 6:00am on weekdays. Seriously, there are very few sit down places that open early and can provide a well made coffee and solid morning fare before 6:30am. The Bread Company bakery café is located on Bernard Street in downtown Kelowna.

Lillooet Bakery - Lillooet, BC

**UPDATE JUNE 2013: This German bakery is now closed.**

Hello Lillooet. I get out to Lillooet a few times a year due to work; I’ve never added any of their eateries to Love of Eating, so I thought I’d start today. I’m here at the Lillooet Bäckerei. It’s a German Canadian bakery located on the main drag in Lillooet.

Rumor's Restaurant and Bakery - Spences Bridge, BC

I’ve been meaning to stop in Spences Bridge for a while now. There was a time when I commuted through this community on a daily basis. Every day for a year, my carpool and I cruised past Rumor's Restaurant and Bakery at 6:15am and then again at 5:15pm. I always wondered about this DDE.

Matterhorn Bakery - Kelowna, BC

I’m making a quick stop at the Matterhorn Bakery for a snack before continuing on with the day. I stumbled upon the Matterhorn Bakery when I took a wrong left turn and found myself in a labyrinth of retail shops, eateries and a movie theatre. There are a number of grey haired ladies entering and exiting the tea room so I figure, why not?

London Fog ($3.55)

Brambles Bakery & Cafe - Merritt, BC

I have to be out here again in Merritt in a few weeks time so I thought I’d do a drive through town to see what’s interesting. I love eateries that make their menu items from scratch. How quaint is this little gem we found out here in dusty Merritt, BC? It is called Brambles Bakery and Café.

Caffe Motivo - Kamloops, BC

It is a sunny but cool day on the Northshore of Kamloops today. I stop for a quick bit of lunch over at Caffe Motivo. I contemplate heading over to the garden center later as well.

My peas, that I sowed two weeks ago, are coming up. So exciting. I’m learning this gardening thing a bit as I go. Last year I learned: No, I cannot leave garden plants out to fend for themselves, in the middle of summer, for a week; with no water.


Smooth and rich. Perfect with a...

A Touch of Europe Café - Chilliwack, BC

***UPDATE 2013: Touch of Europe is gone now :(, Michelle's Café currently occupies this space serving Chinese food***

Homebound, we make a pit stop in Chilliwack for breakfast this morning. A Touch of Europe is a little café on Luckakuck Way among a cluster of businesses that include the BCAA and McGavin’s Bread Basket.

Now before we get to breakfast, tell me, what’s going on here?

Romania Country Bread (Storybrooke Bakery) - Steveston Village,BC

Once, or twice, Upon a Time...those two geeks are still in the fictional town of Storybrooke, Maine. When Steveston Village transforms for filming, the Romania Country Bread shop becomes Storybrooke Country Bread. The exterior signage for the fictional bakery remains up.

French Made Baking - Vancouver, BC

French Made Baking arrived near the corner of Kingsway and Broadway not too long ago. The location is convenient for me as I’m in this vicinity fairly often when I stay in Vancouver. It’s a bakery if you haven’t already Columbo’d that from the name. I pick up a few croissants and things to make a quick breakfast this morning; along with other items for nibbling throughout the day.

Macarons ($10.00 for six)

Tiem Banh Dong Khanh Tung Hing Bakery - Vancouver, BC

Or Tung Hing for short...We’ve been purchasing our bánh mì here for several years. Back when the most expensive sub on the menu came to a whopping $2.00. The price has crept up over the years, but at a thrifty $3.25, they are still far cheaper than any other sub sandwich.

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