Phở Than Brothers - Bellevue, WA

Phở, for those that don't know, is Vietnamese beef noodle soup. It's awesome. When I'm eating it, somehow I feel like it's making my body stronger like Popeye eating his spinach. I was recovering from a cold this day that I visited Phở Than Brothers, and it was like a bloody miracle when I walked out of that place, sinus problems no more! Yeah, believe it. It's that good.
Of course Than Brothers serves excellent phở. Results may vary if you're chowing down on crappy phở.

madisens - Kamloops, BC

Went to madisens for Mitchell Shafer's weekend menu. This restaurant is located at the South Thompson Inn Guest Ranch and Conference Centre in Kamloops, BC.

Anie's Pizza & Bakery - Cache Creek, BC

Now Anie's would be one of those places that would be a DDE to many of you driving through. However, I was informed months ago that it is probably one of the better places to eat in Cache Creek.

**UPDATE October 2010: Anie's has now MOVED up the highway to a new location. She is now located in the old Bob's Recreational Sales buiding at 1206 Cariboo Highway (across from the Dairy Queen in Cache Creek.)

Double Dare Establishments

Y'know those restaurants that you drive by on some road trip, and you think to yourself, "Argh, I wonder how is the food there?" (often assuming it's bad...) or "Seriously, does anybody eat there?" The places when even if you're starving after driving for hours (and skipping a meal to make better driving time), you think, "um...hellz no, I'm not eating there!"

These places are Double Dare Establishments. For the purposes of this blog I will make an effort to pull over and try some of these places and blog about them. Don't get me wrong I do have a genuine curiosity about these places, and I am looking forward to seeing what they have to offer.

Spice: A Taste of Indian Cuisine - Kamloops, BC

I ended up here at Spice after a second failed attempt to eat at Vyanjan. I decided not wait an hour for Vyanjan to open and looked for eats elsewhere. One of us remembered vaguely a commercial about a South Asian restaurant on the north side of the river. We basically drove around until we spotted it. Kamloops, my friends, is not all that big.

Hello Toast - Kamloops, BC

Late brekkie today at Hello Toast. Hello Toast is a causal home style cafe in downtown Kamloops. We were greeted promptly and customers may seat themselves. The atmosphere was very warm and welcoming.

Traditional breakfast ($9.75)

Goldie's Flavours of India - Kamloops, BC

Goldie's is a south asian restaurant that sits on the same lot as some motel (the name of the motel escapes me at this time.) It looks to be a family operated business, with all members of the family multitasking as servers, bussers and front end staff. This is my second visit to Goldie's since moving from the eating heaven that is Vancouver and it's surrounding areas.

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