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Danforth Deli: Breakfast - Nanaimo, BC

**UPDATE 2014: Sadly Danforth Deli is now closed. Nooooo!!....Why!??**

Okay, I know I’ve already posted about Danforth Deli before. They are currently in the midst of relocation so I’ll push out my posts about them since all my visits will refer to their original location. Just two more quick write-ups and I’ll leave it at that. This one will be about breakfast.

I usually come here for lunch, but I made an effort to get down here in time for their morning offerings.

Baby Salsa - Nanaimo, BC

I hope you enjoyed the holiday festivities last week, and are ready for more tonight. I recovered from my bout of feeling under-the-weather just in time for the holiday. Sinus-y? Do the nasal flush thing, trust. It works.
2013 was busy. So busy that I haven’t been able to write on Love of Eating as much as I normally would. I only have a few more things to share from Nanaimo, before I resume posts closer from home.

Zalathai - Nanaimo, BC

I can’t tell if my cold is better, worse or maintaining. I spent last night trying to sleep upright with rolled Kleenex strategically stuffed up my nostrils. Y’know when your nose runs but no air can get through your nostrils, so you can't blow it? So frustrating.

I’m here at Zalathai. This Thai restaurant is located on Victoria Crescent just a few doors down from the Thirsty Camel.

Waterfront Confections - Nanaimo, BC

I’m looking for something sweet and cool to enjoy after lunch and for some reason I thought the Javawocky coffee place on the corner served ice cream. They don’t. So I have to keep walking. I’m passing by Waterfront Confections and I there was a lady getting a cone. I heard her say, “Oh, that’s way too much...just half will do...” She was referring to her large cone which was stacked with at least three different flavour scoops. The server removes half of the last scoop and hands to cone over. I decide on the spot that this is the place for me.

Power House Living Foods - Nanaimo, BC

The days are slipping away on me! It’s been awhile since my last post, and it’s already December! This weekend I tagged along with a hyper-organized friend of mine, while she finished her holiday shopping. To my relief, the stores were not as busy with shoppers as I thought it would be.

Bistro Taiyo - Nanaimo, BC

The last time I was at Bistro Taiyo it was a little Japanese home-style café with a hand drawn menu adorned with a cartoon sunshine staring back at you. That was a while ago. Now Bistro Taiyo is a sushi bar. The restaurant is tucked in the Heritage Mews in the Old City Quarter just off of Wesley Street. It’s right next to 899 Kitchen. Click here to read about my 899 Kitchen noodles.

Green Tea ($1.50)

Mon Petit Choux Cafe Bakery - Nanaimo, BC

Winter is coming.
No seriously, it's getting cold. The days are so short now, even with the time change. The time change used to always mess me up. I’d be at work and I'd end up calling staff wondering why they were late.
Breakfast time at Mon Petit Choux. It’s been awhile since the last time I was here for a coffee and tangy lemon tart, click here for that visit.

Latte ($3.50; soy add .50 cents)

Cherub Chocolate - Nanaimo, BC

Here’s a post on some chocolate and ice cream, because who doesn’t like chocolate and ice cream? This is Cherub Chocolate in downtown Nanaimo. It’s a small operation and often when I walk past this place I can see the owner/chocolatier making her creations at the back of the store. However, not today. Today it was a different staff member running the chocolate shop.

Troller's Fish and Chips - Nanaimo, BC

I hope you all had a thankful Thanksgiving this past weekend.
Now, prepare yourself. As it’ll be all Halloween madness for the next little while. I just spent a long time watching a neighbour inflate a 10 foot animated black Halloween cat.

Pho Tin Tin - Nanaimo, BC

Ugh. I have a monstrous headache right now. I thought a hot bowl of phở might help me. I’m at Pho Tin Tin today. Pho Tintin is brought to you by the folks of Tin Tin Market. Which is the Asian grocery store located next door. I pick up a box of Trung Nguyen coffee at the market before I head over to Pho Tintin. (I can’t decide if it’s Pho Tintin or Pho Tin Tin. Please enlighten me if you know.)

Tin Tin Roll ($4.95)

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