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Bubble Queen - Richmond, BC

Here’s a quick coastal post. Looking at my agenda, it seems the bulk of my conferences for the next several months have been moved to Richmond. Hmm...this is all well and good, but I did enjoy the variety of things to do on my off-hours, when my conferences were held in Coal Harbour.

Vedder Mountain Grille - Chilliwack, BC

**UPDATE NOVEMBER 2013: The Vedder Mountain Grille is now closed.**
The past few months have been non stop! I’m heading out to Richmond, BC for a conference. On my way down, I stop at Vedder Mountain Grille. I thought I’d just swing in for a coffee, but my rumbling tummy advises me to have something more substantial.

Coffee ($2.50)

Dina's Place Restaurant - Lillooet, BC

I’m still in Lillooet and it is Guaranteed Rugged. Yes it is. I’ve enjoyed many hiking trails in Lillooet and the surrounding areas for the past few summers. Have you been to Seton Lake? So beautiful.

Dina’s Place Restaurant is located on Main Street and seems to have a loyal local following.

Cheese Saganaki ($12.95)

Lillooet Bakery - Lillooet, BC

**UPDATE JUNE 2013: This German bakery is now closed.**

Hello Lillooet. I get out to Lillooet a few times a year due to work; I’ve never added any of their eateries to Love of Eating, so I thought I’d start today. I’m here at the Lillooet Bäckerei. It’s a German Canadian bakery located on the main drag in Lillooet.

Rumor's Restaurant and Bakery - Spences Bridge, BC

I’ve been meaning to stop in Spences Bridge for a while now. There was a time when I commuted through this community on a daily basis. Every day for a year, my carpool and I cruised past Rumor's Restaurant and Bakery at 6:15am and then again at 5:15pm. I always wondered about this DDE.

Chinamen Road - Yale, BC


This is the name of a road in Yale, BC.
It is on the north end of the town. You'll see this road sign if you are westbound on the Trans Canada Highway heading towards Yale's town centre or Hope.

Can you imagine living on this road and having to relay your address to others?
If I was the Fed Ex dude, I'd totally be judging.

Big Sky Station Cafe - Savona, BC

Hello September! I know fall doesn’t officially arrive until the Autumnal Equinox, but to me, summer is basically kaput after August. On a happier note: it’s harvest time! I’ve been eating exclusively out of my little garden for almost two weeks now. My home menu is beginning to get a little tomato and zucchini heavy in the past few days though.

I’m stopping for petrol and a bite to eat here at Big Sky Station. I think it is also referred to as Big Sky Husky. They completed the changeover to Husky recently. Yes, I know it is a gas station.

Fudge Yeah! - Kamloops, BC

It’s one of the hottest days of the summer and DL insists we need to get fudge today. Right now? “Fudge yeah!”


As you know I don’t have much of a sweet tooth for super sweet fudge, so this visit is all for DL. Aren’t I nice?

Fratelli Foods Pho - Kamloops, BC

I first wrote about Fratelli Foods offering phở way back in January. Fratelli’s doesn’t offer beef noodle soup every day of the week, so I knew it would be a while before the stars aligned, and I found myself downtown on an afternoon when the broth was a brewin'. Today was the day.

I love having hot soupy noodles on a hot day. Sweat it out.

The Pond Country Market Coffee Shop - Kamloops, BC

**UPDATE September 2013: As promised the eatery went through some renos and is now called The Smokin' Duck Eatery**

I spent the weekend breathing heavy and wheezing around scenic Vancouver. Super fun run, with fantastic weather. The first thing I decide to do when I got home is some yard work. (Not the smartest choice. I know my body will make me pay later.)

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