Where can we eat in Kamloops and the surrounding areas?
We came from a city on the coast and now we live inland. We came from a place where hole-in-the-wall, authentic ethnic cuisine reigned supreme, to a land where chain restaurants and dodgy dives flourish. This blog is to chronicle our culinary adventures in region that seems to be a culinary wasteland.

Mervo's Coffee Shop - Kamloops, BC

Mervo’s. I dig the name, don’t you? I wanted to come here because it looked SO old school. The menu is small, but crazy. From pancakes and sandwiches to perogies and pad thai??

Pancakes and Coffee ($4.09) with a side of sausages ($1.70)

Bear's Claw Lodge - Cache Creek, BC

The Bear's Claw Lodge is a DDE in a large log cabin on the side of Highway 97 in Cache Creek. The high ceilings and large window make the cabin quite bright and airy inside. I see tour buses and truckers stop here quite often. So this morning I decided to swing in.

Café Paris - Reykjavík, IS

Internet. It seems we can’t live our lives without it. It wasn’t that long ago when internet was not so readily available. Remember modems? Iceland is a country where everyone freely embraces and understands the need for internet and technology. Every business, no matter how small, has a slick website and free WiFi is common and easy to find. That’s what brought us to Café Paris in Reykjavík this morning. We needed a place to work, check mail and eat.

Romann's Swiss Pastries and Chocolates - Kamloops, BC

The Roadhouse Café - Savona, BC

Lately, I’ve found myself out and about quite often in the early hours of the morning. So naturally I’ve been hitting up a lot of diners and...well anything I can find that opens before 8am. The Roadhouse is located in Savona, BC. A colleague had a fantastic time with an omelette here recently, so I promised myself I would stop for a meal the next time I went through Savona.

Din Tai Fung - Bellevue, WA

Oy, an hour and 40 minutes. That’s how long our wait was to be seated in Din Tai Fung. I hate waiting. Generally, I won’t do it. I can probably tolerate 20 minutes...if I have errands to run...otherwise I go elsewhere. This is not a choice today as I am dining with others and Din Tai Fung was the agreed destination. Damn it.

Saint Valentine's Day

Happy Valentines Day y'all!
Will you be eating out? Or eating in??
Last year I went to madisen's at the South Thompson Inn Guest Ranch. This year I'll be eating in.

Happy eating!

Zack's Coffee and Tea - Kamloops, BC

Zack's Coffee and Tea has two locations in Kamloops. I’m familiar with the downtown location, but have never come up to the second locale next to Fifth Avenue Jewellers.

Starhouse Restaurant - Cache Creek, BC

I’ve wanted to try this DDE for a long time. I think Starhouse used to be called Bill Ma’s or something like that. Looks like a classic movie truck stop diner. I’m so intrigued! Starhouse serves western Chinese cuisine in the village of Cache Creek. I made reference in my Crush post about sweet and sour chicken balls. Since then I couldn’t get the thought of those orbs out of my head.

Donut King and Coffee - Kamloops, BC

I wanted to come here for two reasons:
1) I love the story that comes with the Donut King. Kamloopsian created by a former Tim Hortons franchisee that wanted to go fresh instead of frozen. He’s opened a few more locations since then, so I guess business is good. It’s nice to see locals supporting locals.

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