Where can we eat in Kamloops and the surrounding areas?
We came from a city on the coast and now we live inland. We came from a place where hole-in-the-wall, authentic ethnic cuisine reigned supreme, to a land where chain restaurants and dodgy dives flourish. This blog is to chronicle our culinary adventures in region that seems to be a culinary wasteland.

Maurya's Fine Indian Cuisine - Kamloops, BC

We decided to play Parking Space Roulette and let the next convenient spot dictate where we eat tonight. I’ve been to Maurya’s Fine Indian Cuisine a number of times, but that was about 3 or 4 years ago driving through town enroute to other destinations. I remember it as being just ok. I recall the take-out experience being way better than the eat-in experience and that's why I haven’t been back in so long.

Ashcroft Bakery and Coffee Shop - Ashcroft, BC

Ashcroft Bakery and Coffee Shop is located in downtown Ashcroft, BC. It's not officially winter yet, but slowly the chilly weather is creeping in. I love the dry-cold weather out here. I prefer it so much more than the cold-damp of the coast.

I am pretty excited upon entry as the show cases are much fuller than I imagined they would be.

Felix on Fourth - Kamloops, BC

**UPDATE 2013: Felix on Fourth is now closed. Quattro Restaurant now fills the space**

Sweet Spot Cupcakes - Kamloops, BC

I've been watching Top Chef Just Desserts this season and I guess I've just got cakes on the brain. (How on earth did Danielle make it to the final 3?? I mean, she made a vegetable dress. A vegetable dress!!) Sweet Spot Cupcakes is located in the same complex as the original Chilli King on Hillside Drive, across from Gourmet Greeens.

Aca Las Tortas - Bothell, WA

Aca Las Tortas. This little gem is located in a strip mall just off the 405 on the Bothell-Everett Highway. We found it some time ago, when we were wanting some pho at the Bamboo House (located a few doors down) and the Bamboo House was closed. Great find. It's now become a regular stop for us.

I love tortas! It's totally my kind of sandwich.

Pure Cuisine - Kamloops, BC

**UPDATE 2012: Pure Cuisine is now closed.

Before heading down to the Contruction Sites Identity and Space exhibition at the Kamloops Art Gallery, we headed to Pure Cuisine for a light lunch. This particular exhibit runs until the end of the year if you're interested. Pure Cuisine specializes in raw food.

Talylor's Breakfast Nook and Lunch Counter - Ashcroft, BC

**UPDATE: Taylor's Breakfast Nook is now April's Bistro.**

On occasion I find myself in Ashcroft's downtown core. I noticed a hand painted window for Taylor's Breakfast Nook several weeks ago. I finally found myself back on Railway Avenue this afternoon to try it. It's definitely a nook! The restaurant houses less than 10 tables with a cozy open kitchen. This small home-style diner is run by a lovely couple.

Chinese Food Service

This blog post started as a reply in the comments section of the Victoria Oriental Restaurant post. As I started to respond to mikeeymike's comment about poor service at Victoria Oriental (...terrible name by the way, who uses the term Oriental anymore?), it occurred to me that this might be an informative (...or offensive, depends on how you take it) post to have on the main page
The following is not speaking directly about the service of the above restaurant, just simply a response to a comment and some things I’ve noticed about certain places I go to.

Oh mikeeymike, my dear mikeeymike…welcome to infamous Chinese food service.

Hoodoos Bar and Grill - Kamloops, BC

We ended up at the Hoodoos Bar and Grill after a drive down Victoria Street for food. Wow, Kamloops is a bit of a ghost town on Sundays, non? We drove down Victoria Street and it was deserted. Hey did you know there was another location of Chilli King downtown? I don't recall ever seeing it there before.

Dorian Greek House - Kamloops, BC

Had an appointment downtown this evening and wanted to get a bite to eat beforehand. Just across the street to where we found parking were two restaurants we have yet to try.

Pure Cuisine Raw Foods and the Dorian Greek House. Could there be any more of a contrast in choices? As we walked up we passed a guitar playing busker adorned in a 3 piece suit; he had to be one of the classiest dressed buskers I've ever come across (more to come on him later.) When we reached the two restaurants, Pure Cuisine was closing in less than 30 minutes so we opted to go Greek.

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