Troller's Fish and Chips - Nanaimo, BC

I hope you all had a thankful Thanksgiving this past weekend.
Now, prepare yourself. As it’ll be all Halloween madness for the next little while. I just spent a long time watching a neighbour inflate a 10 foot animated black Halloween cat.

Danforth Deli: Ice Cream - Nanaimo, BC

**UPDATE 2014: Danforth Deli is now closed. Nooooo....why!?**

As promised, I’m heading back to my diner-crush for ice cream. Before I take the three minute stroll down to Danforth Deli & Grill, I have to peel myself away from my number one distraction.

So yes, I currently have projects and assignments snowballing in front of me, but some of this is my own fault. As you know, I also procrastinate with the best of ‘em. I mentioned earlier I would share some of the reasons why I can’t seem to get work done.
Here’s one of the reasons:

Baby Seagull Chicks

Two Chefs Affair - Nanaimo, BC

After a detour to Ashcroft for produce I am back to the regular scheduled programming...Do you see what I mean about procrastinating?

2 Chefs Affair is a casual breakfast-lunch eatery located on Commercial Street just across from the Nanaimo public library. I am still working on a project that was due days ago. However, I have secured an extension. Thanks god.
I hit up 2 Chefs Affair as soon as they open, in order to get working straight away.

Extraordinary Organics - Nanaimo, BC

We are having some extraordinary weather in Nanaimo for the past few weeks. This is completely unlike some of my past visits, where the weather has always been grey and rainy. I even packed two rain coats with me for this extended stint in Nanaimo. No need apparently, as the weather has been warm and sunny far.
Tonight,I’m here at Extraordinary Organics Restaurant.

The River Cafe - Hope, BC

**UPDATE JUNE 2013: The River Café seems to have packed up and gone.**

The River Café is the diner beside the Chevron gas station in Hope. I'm stopping for petrol anyway, so I thought, "why not?"

Fireside Steakhouse and Bar - Kamloops, BC

The Fireside Steakhouse & Bar is housed within The Plaza Hotel on Victoria Street in downtown Kamloops. The space is large and the ceilings are high, but there are no bodies occupying the room...
Hang on...this intro sounds familiar.

Liberté Crème Fraîche - Kamloops, BC

It is wonderful to be back in BC. Thank you for all your great emails while I was away. I love your stories and suggestions keep ‘em coming. There is no food in my fridge when I arrive home, so I’m doing a quick grocery run at Nature’s Fare Market.

Oh la. Is this what I think it is?

Liberté Crème Fraîche ($4.69 per 250ml tub)

Buy the Sea - Kelowna, BC

I’m eating at Buy the Sea Fresh Seafood Market and Fish n’ Chip Shop today. There are two locations of Buy the Sea. I’m at the West Kelowna location; the other one is in Penticton.

Oh Westbank...

Carolina Smoke BBQ - Bothell, WA

Firstly, thank you everyone for your patience with the site lately. It's been runnning as slow as molasses-in-January for the past few days. Hopefully, all is well now... I appreciate all the concerned emails!

Bellringer Espresso Bus - Kamloops, BC

The Bellringer Espresso Bus is usually parked somewhere on the Farmers Market grounds. I don’t need a lot of produce today so I thought it would be an opportune time to stop for a little feast. (I’m less inclined to stop for eats when my multiple canvas bags weigh me down like an overworked mule.)

The espresso bus is popular! There is a short line up of coffee lovers in front of the vehicle for most of the morning. The Bellringer Bus is open for breakfast and lunch, and of course great coffee drinks can be had all morning and afternoon.

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