Where can we eat in Kamloops and the surrounding areas?
We came from a city on the coast and now we live inland. We came from a place where hole-in-the-wall, authentic ethnic cuisine reigned supreme, to a land where chain restaurants and dodgy dives flourish. This blog is to chronicle our culinary adventures in region that seems to be a culinary wasteland.

Extraordinary Organics - Nanaimo, BC

We are having some extraordinary weather in Nanaimo for the past few weeks. This is completely unlike some of my past visits, where the weather has always been grey and rainy. I even packed two rain coats with me for this extended stint in Nanaimo. No need apparently, as the weather has been warm and sunny everyday...so far.
Tonight,I’m here at Extraordinary Organics Restaurant.

Tina's Diner - Nanaimo - BC

Good morning Nanaimo. I feel like noshing on a diner breakfast this morning and Tina's Diner fit the descriptor. Tina’s is located on Commercial Street in Nanaimo’s downtown core. As you can see it is right beside Gabriel’s Café. Click here to read about my pork wrap and curry bowl at Gabriel’s.

Jakeob's Ice Cream Parlour - Nanaimo, BC

The weather has been pretty agreeable out here in Nanaimo. It’s sunny, with a cool breeze. I’m taking a little stroll today to check out my temporary ‘hood. I find myself at Jakeob’s Ice Cream Parlour.

The Pink Panther on the sign initially caught my eye. I’m not sure how the Pink Panther links with Jakeob’s Ice Cream Parlour? I convince myself that I can definitely use a scoop on this sun drenched afternoon.

I’m by myself for a few minutes when I enter. It’s dark in here. I scan the ice cream cooler on the left and the four tables topped with red and white checkered cloths. Are they even open?

Old City Take Out - Nanaimo BC

I’m here in Nanaimo on special assignment. I love referring to it as “special assignment” as it makes my work sound way more Fox Mulder-ish. I know I’ll have my nose to the grindstone for most of my time on Vancouver Island, but I hope to share out some eateries while I’m here.

L.A. Chicken - Richmond, BC

I never came here to L.A. Chicken when I lived in Richmond. I lived just off of Number 3 Road, yet Number 5 Road just seemed so... far away. Lazy, right?
Sometimes when I think back to those days, I have to give myself a big ol’ eyeroll.

I wasn’t planning on blogging about L.A. Chicken, but I have been a patron of this place more times in the past 12 months than I care to admit. I mentioned over a year ago that my work conferences all moved from their traditional downtown Coal Harbour locales to various major Richmond hotels.

Good Knight Inn Diner - Cache Creek, BC

**Some of you have been getting the 403 error lately. Thank you to those that let me know something was awry. The error was only happening from certain locations, so I didn't realize any errors were occurring. Thank you for your patience. I hope www.lvoe.ca is accessible to all now.**

Happy fourth of July to my American friends.
It's hot.

D Dutchmen Dairy - Sicamous, BC

Happy summer solstice!
In the past two weeks, I’ve been travelling to Vancouver and back so many times that my only memories from the last 14 days are stretches of highway and tail lights. Sad, but true.
I need to refresh the fridge with some random dairy products. I found this cream at Nature’s Fare the other day. Are you familiar with D Dutchmen Dairy? It’s new to me.

Quattro Bistro - Kamloops, BC

**UPDATE JULY 2013: Quattro Bistro is closed.**

Boom it’s June!
Quattro Bistro. Here’s another restaurant in which the location is familiar: it was formerly Felix on Fourth.

The River Cafe - Hope, BC

**UPDATE JUNE 2013: The River Café seems to have packed up and gone.**

The River Café is the diner beside the Chevron gas station in Hope. I'm stopping for petrol anyway, so I thought, "why not?"

Sandrine French Pastry and Chocolate - Kelowna, BC

I hope all of you enjoyed your long weekend. Here’s a quick post while I'm in Kelowna. As everyone else is in a breakfast meeting this A.M., I sneak over to Sandrine French Pastry and Chocolate for a quick coffee and some morning snacks. Shhh, I’ll be back before anyone notices.

La Boulangerie Sandrine is located in a strip mall on the corner of Harvey Avenue and Dilworth Drive.

Chocolatine ($2.75)

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