The Lunch Box Café - Kamloops, BC

Happy Friday! So glad the weekend is here. I’m sure this weekend will be busy for most. I’m picking up some snacks at Eastuff Grocery today. They have loads of goodies on the shelves on this visit. I might do a separate post about Eastuff later. For now, an opportunity for a quick lunch beckons me into The Lunch Box Café. The little lunch stop is conveniently located next door to Eastuff.

Indian Aroma - Kamloops, BC

Doesn’t the workload leading up to the end of the year seem like it quadruples?
I have enough time tonight to deek into Indian Aroma for a little dinner. You can’t see Indian Aroma from the street, because it’s a food kiosk inside a building on Victoria Street. I have never been in this food court before. Most of the food outlets in here are closed for the night, but Indian Aroma is still open for business.

Dolce Amaro - Kamloops, BC

After shopping at Nature's Fare Market, I often round this corner and never knew there is a café tucked in here.

Dorset Cereal Simply Delicious Muesli

I love good muesli. I am picking up some dish detergent today, and I happen to spy on the shelves, Dorset Cereals. It is muesli with no added sugar. This is actually not that easy to come by. Most of the muesli I’ve come across has some sort of additional sweetener in it. Sometimes the makers add honey to the oats, or other times it’s a sugary coating on the raisins or the other bits of fruit. I don’t really like sweet cereals, and I find the fruit element in muesli to be sweet enough for the morning munchies.

The Commodore Grand Cafe and Lounge - Kamloops, BC

I had attempted to eat at The Commodore back in the Spring. I phoned ahead to insure they were open during the lunch hour, and a confident staff member confirmed their lunch opening hours, “Yes come on down.” I arrived. They were closed. This made me grumpy, so I avoided The Commodore for the entire summer.

Authentic Teriyaki Burger and Cafe JOY - Kamloops, BC

Yōshoku in Kamloops? There is now yōshoku in Kamloops, in the form of Authentic Teriyaki Burger and Café JOY. Don’tcha love the name? It’s the kind of name that you must read several times and experiment with different ways of saying it. Look at the signage. It’s almost as if JOY is an afterthought. It looks so lonely way out there on the right. Tell me JOY, are you part of the name or just an interjection of happiness?

Is it:
|Authentic Teriyaki Burger| and |Café JOY|

Or is it:
|Authentic Teriyaki Burger and Café,| JOY!

Or could it be:

Ploughman's Lunch and Coffee - Kamloops, BC

Why hello Kamloops, long time no see. I’m sleeping in my own bed for a few nights. I’m home just long enough for me to do some laundry and repack for another foray on the road soon. Thankfully, I find the time to mosey over to the Ploughman’s Lunch and Coffee on Victoria Street in Kamloops' downtown core.

Route 97 Diner - Westwold, BC

Since this is the second time I have to do this Okanagan-Vancouver-Vancouver Island circle tour, we decide to take Highway 97 this time around. There’s an old Ford Bronco that catches my eye on the property, next to The Route 97 Diner in Westwold. We stop to investigate and grab some grub.

Oops Café - Kamloops, BC

Oops Cafe on Urbanspoon

The Stock Pot Café - Kamloops, BC

The Stock Pot Cafe on Urbanspoon

I love early mornings. It’s a rather peaceful time compared to the afternoon. I appreciate very much when businesses open before 7am. I have time for a quick breakfast this early morning at the Stock Pot Café. The diner is located in the busy Southgate Business Centre. It’s the industrial park where your thick-pile berber and windowpanes likely come from.

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