Art Knapp Bistro - Kamloops, BC

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Do you garden? I have been experimenting. Dabbling here and there with growing edibles in what used to be the flower beds. I never imagined I would spend so much of my time visiting the local Art Knapp garden centre.

Dee's Country Corner Cafe - Kamloops, BC

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It’s almost summer-time, yippee! I hope all you fathers out there had a good weekend. Did you take advantage of the free fishing? What a great idea for a community/family event.

The Orchard Grill - Kamloops, BC

**UPDATE 2013: Goodbye locally owned Orchard Grill. The American fast food burger chain, Carl's Jr, now occupies this space.**

We are heading out to see a matinee movie this afternoon and at the last minute I decide I need to eat. I didn’t have breakfast this morning before going out to complete a few errands before the show. I thought I could power through and eat afterwards, but I eventually gave in to my pangs of hunger.

Scott's Inn and Restaurant - Kamloops, BC

I’m so very happy the warm weather is starting to show up. Looks like a great morning to sit out on a patio today. I’ve heard a lot about Scott’s Inn and Restaurant for some time now, and I think it’s about time I try it. It’s the morning hours, but the heat of the sun makes it feel as though the day is later in the afternoon.

Sahale Snacks at London Drugs - Kamloops, BC

Sahale Snacks. Have you tried these?

Sanbiki Japanese Kitchen - Kamloops, BC

I have to return a rental car downtown today and discovered some people don’t know the concept of “merging into traffic.” Afterwards, I find myself on Lansdowne Street needing some eats. I’ve been to Sanbiki Japanese Kitchen in the past and it’s been good. However, I’ve only ever had their maki rolls and nigiri.

Gary's European Sausage & Deli - Kamloops, BC

If you ever move to a new place and want to know where to get good sausage my advice is to chat with local hunters. That’s how I first heard about Gary’s European Sausage and Deli. Not that I hunt or anything...

I’ve been meaning to visit Gary’s European Sausage and Deli for some time now, but have been taking my sweet ol’ time getting to it. Recently, a Love of Eating reader commented that he spotted malt beverages there. Well, I put my visit on fast-forward and made a visit on route to the garden centre.

The Verse Family Restaurant - Kamloops, BC

**UPDATE 2012: Verse Restaurant is no longer. The space is now an A&W.**

Keely's Chop n' Block - Kamloops, BC

**UPDATE November 2011: Keely's Chop n' Block is now called Murphy's Chop n' Block, (or is it Murphy's Chopping Block?)**

Keely’s Chop n’ Block is one of the businesses tucked into the shopping area near the Canadian Tire on Hillside. It's across from Gourmet Greens. Out of sheer laziness I’m stopping into Keely’s chopping block to pick up a pound of pre-ground meat. Sometimes, if I only need a little bit of hamburger I don’t bother grinding my own. Also, I spend far too much time obsessing over cleaning the contraption afterwards. So there’s that.

Rocksalt Restaurant and Bar - Kamloops, BC

**UPDATE 2012: The Rocksalt is no more. After a renovation, The Plaza Heritage Hotel has re-vamped their restaurant space into The Fireside Steakhouse and Bar. Click here for my Fireside visit in 2013.**

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