The Stock Pot Café - Kamloops, BC

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I love early mornings. It’s a rather peaceful time compared to the afternoon. I appreciate very much when businesses open before 7am. I have time for a quick breakfast this early morning at the Stock Pot Café. The diner is located in the busy Southgate Business Centre. It’s the industrial park where your thick-pile berber and windowpanes likely come from.

Hat Creek Ranch Restaurant - Cache Creek, BC

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Dee's Country Corner Cafe - Kamloops, BC

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It’s almost summer-time, yippee! I hope all you fathers out there had a good weekend. Did you take advantage of the free fishing? What a great idea for a community/family event.

The Orchard Grill - Kamloops, BC

**UPDATE 2013: Goodbye locally owned Orchard Grill. The American fast food burger chain, Carl's Jr, now occupies this space.**

We are heading out to see a matinee movie this afternoon and at the last minute I decide I need to eat. I didn’t have breakfast this morning before going out to complete a few errands before the show. I thought I could power through and eat afterwards, but I eventually gave in to my pangs of hunger.

The Verse Family Restaurant - Kamloops, BC

**UPDATE 2012: Verse Restaurant is no longer. The space is now an A&W.**

Heba Supermarket: Samosas - Kamloops, BC

**UPDATE 2014: Heba Supermarket is no more. It is now the home of Joe Pho Vietnamese Restaurant.**

I swung into Heba Supermarket at the crack of noon. I actually arrived a little earlier and patiently waited until the lights flick on at precisely 12:00. I'm not the only one waiting as three others loitered around watching their watches too. We are all here for lunch. We all want samosas.

Before I order my samosas, I make a bee-line to the beverage coolers located in the far corner of the store.

Laziza Malt ($2.50)

The Packing House - Spences Bridge, BC

Tucked away in the community of Spences Bridge, lies The Packing House. The eatery is not on the main drag either; it’s located on a quiet road on what seems to be a residential street.

Husky House Restaurant - Cache Creek, BC

During my travels, there are two Husky Gas Stations that I tend to fuel-up at. One is in Chilliwack and the other is located in Cache Creek. Both these stations have a Husky House Restaurant attached to them. After filling up for $1.45 per litre (gah!) for 91 octane in Cache Creek, we traipsed in for some gas station DDE eats.

Sorriso Ristorante Deli and Pasta - Kamloops, BC

Sorriso Ristorante Pasta and Deli sits on an unassuming corner location on Tranquille Road on Kamloops north shore. I noticed this eatery some time ago when I was orientating myself to Kamloops. Since then, I’ve driven by numerous times on my way to the ”The Craziest Store in Town!” I felt like a deli sandwich today so I swung into the quiet, but ample, parking lot of Sorriso Ristorante.

Arigato Sushi - Kamloops, BC

Arigato Sushi. I had to step back from this particular entry for a breather and gather my chi before writing this. If you have been reading this food blog since the beginning, you may recall that I have some aversions to eating fish and other seafoods so far away from well, the sea. I know, it’s kinda silly, but that’s what I’m working on.

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