Talylor's Breakfast Nook and Lunch Counter - Ashcroft, BC

**UPDATE: Taylor's Breakfast Nook is now April's Bistro.**

On occasion I find myself in Ashcroft's downtown core. I noticed a hand painted window for Taylor's Breakfast Nook several weeks ago. I finally found myself back on Railway Avenue this afternoon to try it. It's definitely a nook! The restaurant houses less than 10 tables with a cozy open kitchen. This small home-style diner is run by a lovely couple.

Chinese Food Service

This blog post started as a reply in the comments section of the Victoria Oriental Restaurant post. As I started to respond to mikeeymike's comment about poor service at Victoria Oriental (...terrible name by the way, who uses the term Oriental anymore?), it occurred to me that this might be an informative (...or offensive, depends on how you take it) post to have on the main page
The following is not speaking directly about the service of the above restaurant, just simply a response to a comment and some things I’ve noticed about certain places I go to.

Oh mikeeymike, my dear mikeeymike…welcome to infamous Chinese food service.

Anie's Pizza & Bakery New Location - Cache Creek, BC

I had blogged about Anie's Pizza and Bakery back in February here. Anie found a bigger and brighter space about 2 blocks up from her original spot. I asked the staff what the street address was, but nobody (including Anie) knew what it was! Am I the only one to find that strange? I did a little detective work on my own, and found the address to be 1206 Cariboo Highway. It's basically across the highway from the Dairy Queen in Cache Creek.

The Press Box / Zhen Zhen Restaurant - Kamloops, BC

**UPDATE: Press Box/Zhen Zhen is now closed."

I initially wanted to go have lunch at Sanbiki but they were closed for lunch on Saturdays. Oh well. I decided to pick up some cat food for the beast, and head home. As I pulled into the Total Pet parking lot I noticed a sign that said, NOW OPEN. It was in the window of a place called The Press Box Zhen Zhen Restaurant. I kid you not, look at the picture. Well hey, who am I to pass up a new restaurant.

Hungry Herbie's Drive-In - Cache Creek, BC

Hungry Herbie’s is a dusty DDE in Cache Creek, that I have wanted to try for a long time. I drive past the billboards featuring their Monster Burger frequently. Ironically, it was not their burgers that ultimately drew me in. I have become very curious about their soft serve...word on the street is that it's magic.

Chris' Under the Bridge Restaurant - Ashcroft, BC

**UPDATE 2013**
This Ashcroft restaurant is under new ownership. Currently, the name is Riverside Restaurant. It now serves westernized Chinese food and burger fare. The below 2010 blog post refers to a visit under the previous owners.
Happy eating,

This restaurant is relatively new in Ashcroft. It literally is under a bridge that you need to cross to get into the village.

Pizza Hot Spot - Lytton, BC

The Pizza Hot Spot is the newly opened pizza shop in the village of Lytton. To enter the village you need to exit off Highway 1 either take a left (if your heading north) between Kumsheen Secondary School and the Esso or take a right (if you're heading south) just past Skihist Provincial Park. The village is small yet very pretty in the summer time. It's always filled with friendly locals.

Pacific Grill - Greenwood, BC

This summer we hopped in our vehicle and did a driving holiday into the Kootneys. Along the way we stopped for lunch in Canada's smallest city: Greenwood,BC. I had not planned on blogging about any of our meals but this was one of the two I wanted to share.

Victoria Oriental Restaurant: Dim Sum - Kamloops, BC

I've been watching the renovations of this DDE since Spring. It was a dodgy looking place for a while, and then all of a sudden there was sprucing up going on. I thought it was just getting a face lift on the outside and I totally expected it to still be dodgy on the inside...I was so wrong.

Anie's Pizza & Bakery-Take N' Bake sticky cinnamon buns - Cache Creek , BC

I blogged about Anie's Pizza & Bakery previously here. She bakes these crazy good cinnamon buns; if you're there early in the day you can nab one. However, if you're too late for the ready to eat treats, Anie may have some take n' bake ones available for you to prepare at home. Yes, I was too late this day and here are my results from Anie's at home cinnamon buns. I can't recall what I paid for these but I remember they were cheap.

They come in handy twosies...

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