Route 97 Diner - Westwold, BC

Since this is the second time I have to do this Okanagan-Vancouver-Vancouver Island circle tour, we decide to take Highway 97 this time around. There’s an old Ford Bronco that catches my eye on the property, next to The Route 97 Diner in Westwold. We stop to investigate and grab some grub.

The Old Country Market - Coombs, BC

Is it just me or has the The Old Country Market become a huge tourist trap over the years? I use to come here about once a month to shop for specialty products and to pick up my Maldon Salt. I thought I’d grab some flakey sodium today, but when I spy their newly inflated prices on the 8.5 ounce box, I take a pass. It’s still a fun place to browse and their pies are still some of the best I’ve encountered.

Pirate Chips - Nanaimo, BC

Cookies Grill - Chilliwack, BC

On our drive down to the coast we often leave early in the morning and find ourselves hungry by the time we hit Chilliwack. The 'Wack is a timely place to fuel up, with both petrol for the vehicle and food for us.

The Stock Pot Café - Kamloops, BC

The Stock Pot Cafe on Urbanspoon

I love early mornings. It’s a rather peaceful time compared to the afternoon. I appreciate very much when businesses open before 7am. I have time for a quick breakfast this early morning at the Stock Pot Café. The diner is located in the busy Southgate Business Centre. It’s the industrial park where your thick-pile berber and windowpanes likely come from.

Dee's Country Corner Cafe - Kamloops, BC

Dee's Country Corner Cafe on Urbanspoon
It’s almost summer-time, yippee! I hope all you fathers out there had a good weekend. Did you take advantage of the free fishing? What a great idea for a community/family event.

The Orchard Grill - Kamloops, BC

**UPDATE 2013: Goodbye locally owned Orchard Grill. The American fast food burger chain, Carl's Jr, now occupies this space.**

We are heading out to see a matinee movie this afternoon and at the last minute I decide I need to eat. I didn’t have breakfast this morning before going out to complete a few errands before the show. I thought I could power through and eat afterwards, but I eventually gave in to my pangs of hunger.

Scott's Inn and Restaurant - Kamloops, BC

I’m so very happy the warm weather is starting to show up. Looks like a great morning to sit out on a patio today. I’ve heard a lot about Scott’s Inn and Restaurant for some time now, and I think it’s about time I try it. It’s the morning hours, but the heat of the sun makes it feel as though the day is later in the afternoon.

The Verse Family Restaurant - Kamloops, BC

**UPDATE 2012: Verse Restaurant is no longer. The space is now an A&W.**

Husky House Restaurant - Cache Creek, BC

During my travels, there are two Husky Gas Stations that I tend to fuel-up at. One is in Chilliwack and the other is located in Cache Creek. Both these stations have a Husky House Restaurant attached to them. After filling up for $1.45 per litre (gah!) for 91 octane in Cache Creek, we traipsed in for some gas station DDE eats.

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