KURO Asian Cuisine - Chilliwack, BC

Kuro Asian Cuisine is one of the restaurants in the Eagle's Landing retail complex in Chilliwack. Did you know this place existed? I didn't, until I was given a little driving tour around Chilliwack recently. Eagle's Landing is fairly new, and there are still many retail spaces up for lease among the anchor stores.

It's very quiet.

Wood Fire Bakery - Kelowna, BC

The Wood Fire Bakery is conveniently located on the main throughway in Kelowna, on the corner of Harvey Avenue and Barlee Road. I have several stops to make today. When I have to travel anywhere for work reasons I try to get some non work related errands done as well. I often end up trying to cram in way too many “to-do” items on my list.

I feel like I’ve been criss crossing the Bill Bennett Bridge all morning. I hate having to double back. I must’ve passed the Wood Fire Bakery a few times already this morning, before allowing myself a break for a quick lunch. Can anyone say no to Schweinshaxe? Clearly, I can not.

Amerigo’s Nuraghe Italian Cuisine - Kelowna, BC

**UPDATE MARCH 2013: Amerigo's Nuraghe Italian Cuisine has closed. Los Jarros Mexican Restaurant now occupies this space.**

I roll into Kelowna late and hungry. I stop at the first Italian looking restaurant I see: Amerigo’s Nuraghe Italian Cuisine.

Chopped Leaf - Kamloops, BC

i-Café - Vancouver, BC

The last time I ate was 22 hours ago, and that was 6 cubes of honeydew and 4 cubes of cantaloupe. Needless to say, at this point I am willing to eat a leather shoe.

The Commodore Grand Cafe and Lounge - Kamloops, BC

I had attempted to eat at The Commodore back in the Spring. I phoned ahead to insure they were open during the lunch hour, and a confident staff member confirmed their lunch opening hours, “Yes come on down.” I arrived. They were closed. This made me grumpy, so I avoided The Commodore for the entire summer.

Authentic Teriyaki Burger and Cafe JOY - Kamloops, BC

Yōshoku in Kamloops? There is now yōshoku in Kamloops, in the form of Authentic Teriyaki Burger and Café JOY. Don’tcha love the name? It’s the kind of name that you must read several times and experiment with different ways of saying it. Look at the signage. It’s almost as if JOY is an afterthought. It looks so lonely way out there on the right. Tell me JOY, are you part of the name or just an interjection of happiness?

Is it:
|Authentic Teriyaki Burger| and |Café JOY|

Or is it:
|Authentic Teriyaki Burger and Café,| JOY!

Or could it be:

The Airport Coffee Shop - Chilliwack, BC

I love going airports. Whether I’m picking someone up or flying away for travel, airports are fun places to be. I’ve had my share of airport delays and other issues, but it all seems to work out in the end.

Shandhar Hut Indian Cuisine - Chilliwack, BC

On my way home. Thank goodness. My stay in Vancouver was made much longer due to some unexpected (...and major) vehicular issues.

Banana Leaf - Vancouver, BC

I remember going to Banana Leaf Malaysian Cuisine back in my days in uni; back when Ais Kacang was still on their dessert menu. The initial Broadway location was located further west down the street. A Taste of Vietnam Restaurant occupies the old space now. The faded Yoplait Source yoghurt container that Banana Leaf used to hold their take out menus is still hanging outside the original location.

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