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Gourmet Kettle Fudge and Popcorn - Kamloops, BC

Gourmet Kettle Fudge and Popcorn is located in the small square building at the Valley View Shopping Complex parking lot. As I approach, I spy a minivan and two late model sedans with drivers all enjoying a soft serve cone with one elbow resting on the retracted side window. It’s hot and sunny today and I suspect they will drive away with that Driver’s Arm Tan. I knew Gourmet Kettle offered fudge and popcorn but I didn’t know they offered soft serve too.

Eden Bento Café - Kamloops, BC

Eden Bento. Here's another little eatery that has been languishing on my list for some time. The location is once again familiar, the last time I wrote about this space it was known as Sip’s Martinis and Tapas.
Eden Bento serves up Japanese style meals-in-a-box with a side of Korean flair.

Time, or lack thereof, often dictates where and what I can eat. I need something relatively quick tonight. "Quick" as in I don’t have time to linger around three courses and drinks, but not so "quick" that I need to order through a wireless intercom system.

Fisherman's Market - Kamloops, BC

Have you ever purchased fish from random dudes on the side of the road? I have.
'Cause I’m classy like that.

Cornerstone Korean BBQ - Kamloops, BC

Here's another place that is familiar but now different. Tonight I am at Cornerstone Sushi and Korean BBQ. Some of you may remember this space as the short lived slashy restaurant: Nayaab Fine Indian Cusine/Pizza Factory.

Cornerstone is not the grillin' at the table kind of Korean BBQ, but wouldn't that feature be great in the future for Kamloops? Baby steps, right?

Arabian Restaurant - Kamloops, BC

**UPDATE JANUARY 2015: This has now re-located and re-opened as Ooh Kabsa at 101-795 McGill Road.
**UPDATE APRIL 2013: Arabic Restaurant is now closed. Thanks to A.L. Smithey for the update.**

Fireside Steakhouse and Bar - Kamloops, BC

The Fireside Steakhouse & Bar is housed within The Plaza Hotel on Victoria Street in downtown Kamloops. The space is large and the ceilings are high, but there are no bodies occupying the room...
Hang on...this intro sounds familiar.

Hammond's Mitchell Sweets at the Bulk Barn - Kamloops, BC

Sunshine Farm - Kelowna, BC

My tomato seeds arrived from Sunshine Farm! I’m pretty excited, so I must share this with you.
I’m such a wannabe gardener...
As you may have deduced from some of my previous garden posts, my adventures in gardening are largely trial and error. Last year, I planted some seedlings from the Farmers Market, but I also tried growing tomatoes from seed. Amazingly, my brown thumbs proved successful in starting tomatoes from seed. This year I wanted to try some more interesting varieties.

Liberté Crème Fraîche - Kamloops, BC

It is wonderful to be back in BC. Thank you for all your great emails while I was away. I love your stories and suggestions keep ‘em coming. There is no food in my fridge when I arrive home, so I’m doing a quick grocery run at Nature’s Fare Market.

Oh la. Is this what I think it is?

Liberté Crème Fraîche ($4.69 per 250ml tub)

Hollandia Bakery Café - Malmö, Sweden

It’s almost time to come home. My last major stop is Sweden and I thought I’d include a quick post in Malmö. Although the winter weather is arguably on the milder side, the wind and crisp air still makes my face numb. Time to warm up with some hot liquids and treats at Hollandia. Konditori Hollandia is a bakery café in Malmö, Sweden.

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