Where can we eat in Kamloops and the surrounding areas?
We came from a city on the coast and now we live inland. We came from a place where hole-in-the-wall, authentic ethnic cuisine reigned supreme, to a land where chain restaurants and dodgy dives flourish. This blog is to chronicle our culinary adventures in region that seems to be a culinary wasteland.

Burger & Cafe JOY - Kamloops, BC

Jeez, June has been busy! So busy, that I feel I deserve a burger today. Since Burger & Café Joy is inside the Sahali Mall it’s a good way to wait out the rain. (What is up with all this rain? I thought I moved away from this.) It’s been some time since I last chatted about Burger & Café JOY; this place can bring you all kinds of happiness.

Karrage ($3.25)

Walkers Toffee at The Bulk Barn - Kamloops, BC

The Bulk Barn was never on my list of Lets-Check-It-Out places until A.L. bumped into a Pal-o-Mine there earlier this year. I’m one of those people who isn’t completely comfortable with self-serve bulk foods. Does this surprise you? Please.

The Track Side Diner - Ashcroft, BC

Yorkshire Gold Tea - Kamloops, BC

Is it June already? We are half way into 2012! I feel like the last six months went by like six weeks.
I went into London Drugs to pick up some contact solution. I came out with eighty dollars worth of other items, completely unrelated to contact lenses. How does this happen?
I spy that my favourite everyday tea is on sale, so I toss a few boxes of Yorkshire Gold Tea in my basket. Yorkshire Gold Tea is made by Taylors of Harrogate, and it is a lovely strong tea.

Yorkshire Gold Tea ($6.99* box of 80 bags)

Passek's Classics Cafe - Kamloops, BC

Passek’s Classics Café has had their new menu items out for a while now. After a morning of weeding and planting, I reward myself with some breakfast at Passek’s Classics. My fingers tend to swell up like sausages when I do yard work. Mmm...sausages. Today is a warm sunny morning, and many others have the same idea this a.m. to indulge in breakfast out.

Passek's has pulled pork on the menu...for breakfast.

Everest Indian & Nepalese Cuisine - Kelowna, BC

I hope everyone had a good weekend. It seems many of you were enjoying time away by the looks of all the RVs, campers and caravans that were on the highways. Before heading out of Kelowna, we decide to have dinner, so we wouldn’t be famished by the time we got home.

This is Everest Indian and Nepalese Cuisine in Westbank.

Momo ($12.00)

Kekuli Café - Kelowna, BC

Every time I see the signage for Kekuli Café, I wish myself a merry Christmas à la Bing Crosby. Why? I don’t know. There is no reason for me to do this. Kekuli looks nothing like Kalikimaka, does it?

It is early in the morning, but the weather is already comfortably warm in Westbank. When I arrive, the outside patio tables are already occupied by early bird diners.


Bamboo Chopsticks - Kelowna, BC

Spending a few days in West Kelowna for a meeting; I arrive in town a little earlier than expected, so I went to grab some phở before Bamboo Chopsticks closes. Bamboo Chopsticks is a Vietnamese cuisine restaurant in Westbank. It is located in the Snyatan shopping complex. Bamboo Chopsticks sits opposite Winners and next to Mr. Mozzarella Pizza.

Mystery Plant in My Garden Update

A few weeks ago in my Café Motivo post, I shared with you that I have mystery plants which sprung up earlier this spring. They were growing with authority, and seem to be evenly spaced, so I suspected they may be something the previous home dwellers had planted. The people who lived here before me were really into flowers (as evidenced by rogue tulips and lilies everywhere in my outside space.)

Breakfast at Caffé Arianna - Kamloops, BC

**UPDATE January 2014: It pains me to type this, and share the sad news that Caffe Arianna is now closed. The location now houses Sikora Caffe.**

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